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[INTERVIEW] UP10TION talks about their new mini-album 'Novella' and gives a message to HONEY10


TOP Media's boy group UP10TION recently returned with their new mini-album 'Novella' and comeback title track "Crazy About You." To celebrate their latest release, we invited them for an exclusive interview.

Check out the answers to the questions below and make sure to check out their comeback music video.

1. Pleasure to have you back at allkpop UP10TION! As always, please introduce yourselves and for fun, share a song that you've been enjoying recently!
KUHN: Hello! I'm KUHN of UP10TION, back with 10th MINI ALBUM [Novella]!
KOGYEOL: Hello! I'm KOGYEOL, the vocalist of the team.
BIT-TO: Hello, I'm BIT-TO, the main dancer of UP10TION.
SUNYOUL: Hello, the main vocalist SUNYOUL.
GYUJIN: Hello, I'm GYUJIN, the sub vocalist of UP10TION.
HWANHEE: Hello, I'm HWANHEE, the main vocalist of UP10TION.
XIAO: Hello, I'm the youngest XIAO.

2. You released your 10th mini-album, Novella, on January 3, 2022. Congratulations! Share more about what reaching this milestone means for UP10TION.
KUHN: First of all, I think it's most meaningful to show a new side of UP10TION with a concept that UP10TION has never tried.
KOGYEOL: I think it's meaningful because UP10TION is trying a new concept.
BIT-TO: Thank you for showing the performance to HONEY10 after a long time, and I think it's meaningful to sing a song with a new atmosphere.
SUNYOUL: I always have a thirst for the stage, and it seems meaningful to be on stage with a new album with the start of 2022.
GYUJIN: I think the biggest meaning is that we can show HONEY10 a new stage, and it is meaningful in that it is an album that challenges UP10TION.
HWANHEE: I think the biggest meaning is that I made a comeback with "Crazy About You," the style I wanted to do.
XIAO: The biggest meaning for UP10TION is that it is an album that starts 2022 together and an album that challenges new things.

3. Now, after having so many different comebacks under your belt, do you feel differently than years prior when preparing? What became easy? Anything that became more difficult with time?
KUHN: Personally, [Novella] was harder. I thought a lot because it was the title song that UP10TION tried for the first time.
KOGYEOL: I think preparing for this album was more difficult. It was the hardest to express the emotions of "Crazy About Love".
BIT-TO: This album [Novella] has a different emotional line, so I tried to show a different side of me, and it was a little difficult to get into the emotion at first.
SUNYOUL: It's a concept that I've never done before, so I think it was a little more difficult to prepare for this comeback. The difference is that the members' ages have changed, and the maturity that comes from them seems to have arisen.
GYUJIN: I don't think there's anything easy in the process of preparing for our comeback. [Novella] When we prepared for the album, it was a bit hard because we had to capture the emotions and sadness that UP10TION showed in the music video.
HWANHEE: The dance was a bit hard! Previously, I could have danced cool and excitingly, but this concept is more important to convey emotions, so I think it was difficult to pay attention to that on the stage.
XIAO: This time, the dance has a lot of delicate parts, so I think I paid attention to expressing my fingers and emotional lines. I think I was able to prepare for the comeback a little faster in terms of choreography and recording because I've done a lot of preparations.

4. Focusing on your new album, please explain the title Novella and its significance in this comeback!
UP10TION: UP10TION's 10th MINI ALBUM [Novella] is an album like a romance novel with songs with emotional stories that remind you of different processes from meeting your loved ones, excitement to breaking up, and feelings after a breakup.

5. How did members involve themselves in the songwriting, recording, and performance process? What members played a role in each part?
KUHN: Me and BIT-TO wrote lyrics for five songs, including the title song, and XIAO wrote and composed "FALL" and "SAD ENDING."

6. What are you looking forward to most about this comeback and what do you hope fans will enjoy about this comeback?
KUHN: I'm curious how HONEY10, who is listening to UP10TION's songs, will react to their comeback with a new concept, and I hope you can listen to our songs and be comforted on a lonely or difficult day.
KOGYEOL: ‘I look forward to seeing UP10TION performing "Crazy About You". And if you focus on the new side of UP10TION and the story of love, you'll know what we're going to tell HONEY10. ^^
BIT-TO: It's a performance. I can't wait to show HONEY10 a performance. You'll think, "UP10TION has this side of him”
SUNYOUL: I'm looking forward to seeing HONEY10 every time we make a comeback. I hope that HONEY10 likes new music and enjoys listening to music.
GYUJIN: I'm curious about HONEY10's reaction to seeing the new UP10TION! And we will give you the pleasure of seeing a new side of UP10TION.
HWANHEE: I think "HONEY10 will like it a lot?" I'm looking forward to it! It's a new concept, so I hope you like it more.
XIAO: I can't express how I felt when I was on the first stage when I made a comeback, but I love the feeling of excitement and nervousness. I hope that HONEY10 will listen to our music when they are tired and having a hard time, receive comfort, and feel better.

7. We're curious about UP10TION's new title track, "Crazy About You," share more about your title song!
UP10TION: The title song "Crazy About You" is a song about the desperate desire to remember and miss the times and moments we spent after breaking up with our beloved lover, realize emotions that we didn't even know, and go back.

8. What do you hope 2022 has in store for UP10TION?
UP10TION: As UP10TION made a comeback with "Crazy About You" and started activities, we will focus on our activities now and show you a new side of UP10TION.

9. What's one new year's resolution or goal you're hoping to achieve this year?

KUHN: In 2022, I hope both UP10TION and HONEY10 don't get sick, and I want to meet HONEY10 around the world and have a concert.
KOGYEOL: I want to make people want to keep watching UP10TION's performance.
BIT-TO: I want to be a singer UP10TION who is not ashamed of HONEY10.
SUNYOUL: I always want to be with HONEY10.
GYUJIN: I hope many people know UP10TION and listen to our songs a lot. I'll do my best to do that.
HWANHEE: I want to have a tour concert with HONEY10 all over the world!
XIAO: I hope UP10TION grows more and UP10TION and HONEY10 make many healthy and enjoyable memories.

10. Thank you so much UP10TION! It is always a pleasure to speak with you. Best of luck! Fighting!

KUHN: Thank you. Allkpop readers in the US! And HONEY10 fans! Thank you for always giving us great love. Happy New Year~.
KOGYEOL: HONEY10 in the US! I hope our songs give you strength. Always be healthy.
BIT-TO: HONEY10! Happy New Year and always be happy!
SUNYOUL: HONEY10 fans! Please stay with UP10TION in 2022 as well!
GYUJIN: We will continue to show you various and cool sides of us, so please support us. Thank you so much~ HONEY10 💛.
HWANHEE: Our HONEY10! It's already 2022. I hope you are healthy and happy not only for HONEY10 but also for all the precious people around HONEY10. Thank you always and I love you~🥰.
XIAO: It's already 2022. Our HONEY10! Always eat well and you know health is the most important, right? Let's have a happy time with UP10TION in 2022. Thank you for always waiting~.

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