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BTS candidly shares their thoughts on their achievements, being a presidential envoy for culture, and more


BTS candidly shared their thoughts on their achievements, being a presidential envoy for culture, and etc, on SBS's 'News 8'. 

On July 24th, BTS members appeared on SBS's 'News 8' for their special interview and candidly answered the questions. Regarding their historic streak on the Billboard Hot 100, RM commented, "In fact, it feels like a dream. We didn't think 'Butter' could top the chart for seven consecutive weeks when we first released the song. We joked about passing the baton when we released our new song but it's truly an honor that it became true. I'd like to thank all the listeners and ARMY for this." 

Jin added, "I learned about that (BTS being one of the three historic streaks on the Billboard Hot 100) online and I believe it was possible because of ARMY. I'm grateful that they listened to our music and we'll work harder in return for their love. I love you, ARMY"


On incorporating international sign language as part of the choreography for "Permission to Dance", J-hope said, "We wanted to pass on positive energy, comfort and hope to many people around the world so we chose international sign language." He then explained the sign languages mean "fun", "dancing", and "peace". He also explained about the 'Permission to Dance challenge', "We were craving something we could enjoy with the audience due to the long-lasting pandemic. It's an opportunity for us to interact with fans and we also get comforted by them as well." 

SUGA confirmed that he'd like to take on another challenge to be nominated and hopefully win Grammys. 

V shared his thoughts on "Blue & Grey", "No one, including us, could have predicted this situation. Our entire schedule was suddenly canceled, so we felt a sense of emptiness and we even suddenly felt depressed and anxious. I wanted to share those emotions as candidly as possible, so I jot them down in a note. The depression and anxiety were expressed as the colors blue and grey. The song was included in our past album 'BE'"

BTS was recently appointed as a special presidential envoy for South Korea. RM revealed the reason why they accepted the offer, "We're part millennials and we can say that we grew up together with the youths of the current generation. We wanted to help affect society, regardless of how minuscule impact we'd have. It's a heavy responsibility, but we're also carrying it on with joyful hearts. We will head out and do what we can and do our best to accomplish our duties before returning."

Regarding feeling pressured for their records, Jimin said, "Rather than us feeling like we need to accomplish something, we sometimes have a hard time because we don’t know how to return our fans' love. We exist because of our fans and the audience and it's hard when we can't reciprocate their love enough." 

Jungkook commented on his individual goals, "I'm the type of person who wants to do a lot of things. I really like what I'm doing now, so other than my goals and dreams as a singer, there's nothing much I want to accomplish as an individual. I do want to meet our fans, ARMY. I believe that's my dream."

Watch the video above and their full interview below. 

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armystan72,117 pts Saturday, July 24, 2021 0
Saturday, July 24, 2021

For those looking for the video it is available on YouTube and has been translated in multiple languages just search: (Exclusive) 'Permission to Dance' Billboard 1st place, what does it mean to BTS?/ SBS.

That aside, they are so humble every time they speak. They know they are more than just artists but also role models and that what they do has an impact around the world. I'm glad they don't let their records burden them because I want them to be having fun with the rest of us dancing around our rooms. Jimin- BTS can repay us by continuing to be healthy and happy 💜



HSK4,668 pts Saturday, July 24, 2021 1
Saturday, July 24, 2021

Kudos for transcribing what they said because "the uploader has not made this video available in your country" 🙄


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