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Netizens confused by new 'Sweet Latte Chicken' from 'Mexicana', endorsed by Kang Daniel


Netizens are a little confused by 'Mexicana Chicken's newest menu, 'Sweet Latte Chicken' or 'Dal-La Chicken'!

The brand's new menu item is endorsed by the handsome Kang Daniel, who transforms into a barista to perfect his 'Sweet Latte Chicken' recipe! While many fans are loving Kang Daniel's sweet charms in the CF itself, some are definitely hesitant about the menu item itself.

Fans commented, 

"I dunno... I mean watching the ad, I feel like it might not be that bad... would Kang Daniel lie to us...."
"What is this... Mexicana... kekekeke."
"Why is he pouring coffee over chicken kekekeke."
"I guess I have to try it..."
"Kang Daniel's ad is so nice... but the chicken is so..."
"No thanks... I'd rather eat chicken and then drink coffee separately."
"We'll enjoy the ad, but the chicken... not so much."
"Is it an ad for coffee or for chicken... I'm confused." 

And more! However, according to some stars who have summoned up the courage to give 'Mexicana's new 'Latte Chicken' a try...

Kim Se Jung"Hey... it's not that bad..."

Comedian Hong Yoon Hwa"Everyone! I was actually surprised because it's tastier than you'd expect!"

According to sources, the chicken itself is more soy-flavored, with a light coffee scent. The dipping sauce that comes with the chicken is more latte-flavored, and many netizens felt that it was better eating the chicken without the sauce.

  1. Kim Se Jung
  2. Kang Daniel
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efem 4,241 pts Friday, April 9, 2021 0
Friday, April 9, 2021

It sounds weird at first but it actually got mostly good ratings? I'm curious to try it.

Here are more translated comments from the theqoo post. Most of them are saying the chicken is surprisingly good but stay away from the dipping sauce haha.



fantasticlau2,381 pts Saturday, April 10, 2021 0
Saturday, April 10, 2021

Damn he looks so good in the CF



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