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EXID's Hani reveals why she felt apologetic toward Brave Girls recently


On April 21, EXID's Hani appeared as a guest on MBC's 'Radio Star', where she expressed her wishes to apologize to Brave Girls!

On this day, Hani confessed, "Whenever I go on an interview, I always get asked, 'What kind of advice would you like to give to Brave Girls, as a sunbae artist?'"

She continued, "But in truth, we are not Brave Girls's sunbaes..." It turned out, Brave Girls debuted one year before EXID! The idol-turned-actress went on, "According to my memories, we shared waiting rooms together when we first debuted, and if you really count the years, they are our sunbaes in terms of waiting and enduring, without giving up. But then, some articles published headlines that read, "Hani thanks Brave Girls for 'surviving''. So I was worried, 'What if they see this article, and think I am acting like a sunbae when I'm not?'."

Hani was also asked to recall the feeling of when her legendary fancam first went viral. She shared, "It felt like Santa Claus brought me a present one day. But it actually wasn't mine, I felt it was mis-delivered. So I was like a kid who didn't open the present and just left it, checking to see if it was still there the next day, waiting for the day that Santa would take it back... But when I think about it now, I see that the present was mine all along. I should have opened it."

Do you see parallels between EXID's viral rise to fame and the situation with Brave Girls nowadays?

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Hopkinz1,905 pts 15 days ago 0
15 days ago

But she did debut before the current lineup by like 4 years



rickkelly137 pts 15 days ago 2
15 days ago

This is BS, and Hani knows it. She knows that these members of Brave Girls joined the group in 2016. But she also knows the history of the show Radio Star. So the interview becomes a game. Show no weakness, and give the hosts no opportunity to throw shade.


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