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Dancers who worked with BTOB for years dish about what the members are like off-camera, each member has great manners + attitude


In a recent video uploaded on Cha Hyun Seung TV, dancer Cha Hyun Seung invited some of his close dancer hyungs over to ask fan-sent questions about working with idols like BTOB

On this day, director Lee Jang of the dance team 'BornBlack' and the crew's main choreographer Jin Jae talked about working with BTOB. While Lee Jang revealed that he began working with BTOB during their "Missing You" days, which was also when the 'BornBlack' team was formed, choreographer Jin Jae shared that he has worked on BTOB songs since "Wow" and "Beep Beep". 

First, Lee Jang ran through his general impressions of the BTOB members. According to the dancer, Eunkwang and Changsub are incredibly polite but crazy, Peniel is also polite but has a tendency to act like he doesn't understand when he's in a disadvantageous situation, and Minhyuk is the most calm and collected member. However, Lee Jang pointed out that while Minhyuk used to be full of passion before his mandatory service, he has lost some of his old passion for practicing(?) since returning. Sungjae was named as the craziest member, while Ilhoon was described as having a very bright, kind, and calm attitude. Last but not least(?) it was pointed out that Hyunsik was a strong drinker. 

Next, the dancers shared some instances when they were thankful toward the BTOB members. Lee Jang began, "During BTOB 4U's goodbye stage, Changsub called out the names of all of the dance teams that worked with them. It's not easy to think of all of the people behind the scenes, but they are always doing that. The members also always come and greet us first. Even if we are waiting for the stage and we are waiting in a different room with the door closed, they knock and come in, and take care of us, asking if we've had coffee yet." However, here, Cha Seung Hyun added on, "But these days, Changsub hyung keeps avoiding my calls whenever I call him to come work out." Lee Jang remarked, "Isn't it your job to make sure he gets his workouts in?"

Finally, Lee Jang also recounted one of his favorite shows with the BTOB members, after wrapping up a concert in Busan. He said, "After the concert, the members invited us to eat out since we were in Busan. We ate a ton of food, like grilled eel, sashimi, and BBQ. Changsub wanted to treat us so he got the agency's vice president to give him allowance or something, and we spent a ton on food."

Check out the fun stories from the YouTube clip above!

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