Posted by Susan-Han Friday, November 13, 2020

Netizens are uncomfortable with Oh My Girl Arin's habit of leaning on TXT's Soobin while MC-ing for 'Music Bank'


One of the hottest idol MC pairs currently, Oh My Girl's Arin and TOMORROW x TOGETHER's Soobin's interactions have become an issue of debate among netizens, especially after the November 13 broadcast of KBS2's 'Music Bank'.

Initially, when Arin and Soobin were chosen as MCs of 'Music Bank', many netizens welcomed the adorable visual chemistry between the two stars. 

But after this week's broadcast of 'Music Bank', some netizens began expressing their discomfort toward Arin, whom they accused of having "a habit of leaning on people when laughing" and also of "touching Soobin too much"

Some Oh My Girl fans clarified that Arin tends to lean on others when she laughs.

Netizens were seen discussing the topic on Weverse, among other online communities and platforms. 

"It's not just that they are too into the MC roles... Touching and the opposite sex, especially in the world of K-Pop idols, are sensitive topics and Arin touches very often. I'm sure there are plenty of MOA who don't mind but there are also those who do."
"I don't understand why she just bursts out laughing all by herself so much when it's not really that funny..? It must just be her personality."
"Honestly, people might see them and say that they have good chemistry, and they probably don't feel any discomfort on their own parts. But I think some people who are not their fans might misinterpret their actions."
"I agree..... She likes to grab the cuff of Soobin's sleeve..... It keeps happening a lot so I was just like 'what?'." 

Others also left comments like, 

"Literally why does she keep doing that?"
"The viewers don't really think it's all that funny, but she laughs in the middle of her comments way too much."
"You know at first when they started, it was really cute seeing them make mistakes, but it's been like 3 months and they're still making all kinds of mistakes and trying to laugh them off? It's not funny anymore."
"I think she does have a habit of doing that, but she needs to fix it because it can cause misunderstandings."
"That's what girls usually do when they're trying to flirt? Does Arin like Soobin?"
"Whether it's an unconscious habit or not, she needs to fix it. Obviously fans will feel uncomfortable about it. Why are you flirting in the middle of MC-ing."
"Honestly speaking, if I were a fan of TXT, I'd be pissed."
"I'm MOA and honestly I'm not as bothered by the touching as I am by her laughing in the middle of everything all by herself."
"I feel like sometimes when she does that Soobin gets flustered, so if it makes the other person uncomfortable she needs to stop."
"I think she needs to distinguish between work and play."

and more. What do you think of the debate?

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ARoberts513 pts Friday, November 13, 2020 1
Friday, November 13, 2020

alternate title

Delusional netizens are jealous of Oh My Girl's Arin


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quark12395 Allkill VIP 21,626 pts Friday, November 13, 2020 7
Friday, November 13, 2020

"Honestly speaking, if I were a fan of TXT, I'd be pissed."

You're right, I am pissed... That this is even a issue. 🙄 Oh no she touched Soobin's arm. Guess they have to get married. These people need to grow the fuck up. I know idols have to say they love their fans, but you know deep down there's a part of them that resents every single one of them. They literally give up their youth to sing and dance and make people happy and the people who claim to love them regularly make their lives a living hell.


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