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Han Seo Hee's lawyer Bang Jung Hyun alleges other YG Entertainment artists are guilty of drug use


Han Seo Hee's lawyer Bang Jung Hyun has alleged other YG Entertainment artists are also guilty of drug use.

In an interview on CBS Radio's 'Kim Hyun Jung News Show' on June 14, Bang Jung Hyun went over the circumstances surrounding informant 'A' Han Seo Hee's involvement in former iKON member B.I's drug scandal, which was previously covered by Dispatch and Han Seo Hee's own explanation on social media. The lawyer stated it was the police who questioned Han Seo Hee first about B.I's link to drugs, and he claims there was other evidence besides her testimony.

Bang Jung Hyun states, "According to the informant's testimony, there are more celebrity names that were suggested," and reporter Kim Hyun Jung asked, "That's what the informant said?" The lawyer responded, "Yes. However, to be honest, that's something that the testimony depends on, so it would be difficult for me to say. Like you mentioned though, there are a lot more than we already know. It's to the point that you would think it's really way too much. It could be speculation gone overboard. YG Entertainment is honestly a company like this. The song 'Love Scenario' is one that my young nieces and nephews would sing. If you look at it a certain way, that business, that entertainment label should be planting seeds of hope and dreams into young children. It's a place that should be showing that kind of thing, but the fact that there's a situation that involves a lot of other celebrities doing drugs means that they're only managing them periodically."

The reporter later questioned the lawyer about Han Seo Hee's claims that Yang Hyun Suk said he would send artists to Japan to clean their system of drugs. Bang Jung Hyun stated, "Yes. That's why I think in a way they didn't try to block the celebrities from using it. The thought came to mind that they used that to more easily control and manage their celebrities."

When reporter Kim Hyun Jung asked once again if Han Seo Hee stated there were more YG Entertainment artists using drugs, Bang Jung Hyun answered, "Yes, you're right. She said that. It came out of her mouth." The reporter also clarified, "There are more people involved than those who've already been uncovered and penalized?" The lawyer responded, "Yes."

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Friday, June 14, 2019

When they "Who is next" motto took a totally different meaning....


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Friday, June 14, 2019


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