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Story of Villa residents providing care for a pregnant stray dog warms hearts

By KpopJoA   Monday, July 17, 2017   11,243   103   8



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Recently, residents in a Villa neighborhood moved people's hearts by looking after a pregnant stray dog. 

A story was posted on an online community board on how civilians took care of a female dog they named Big Meong Meong for a year that lived outside in the Villa parking lot.

According to Mr. A who shared the news, it was last July when he first found a big dog panting in the shade of the Villa parking lot. 

Feeling bad for the dog, Mr. A decided to give the animal something to eat. Ever since then, the dog started to follow him around.

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Unable to take the dog home with him, Mr. A decided to prepare a designated spot inside the parking lot for the stray dog.

With people going to and from the lot, Mr. A was very concerned for his friendly companion. If complaints came in, others might send the dog away to animal control.

In the beginning, he did post a warning message telling the people not to feed the dog. However, as days went by, the tenants became rather familiar with the canine and understood where Mr. A was coming from.

Soon, other people in the neighborhood began to look after the animal as they brought him food and water.  Mr. A went on to make sure that the dog was not being fed any spoiled or prohibited food.

Afterward, the dog became pregnant and once again, Mr. A asked for the tenants' cooperation as he created a comfy place for the animal.

Thanks to his sincere care, the dog was able to successfully bore puppies. Upon hearing the wonderful news, people showered the dog with meals such as ox-bone broth soup, dried seaweed soup, sausages, leaf pancakes, and fried eggs so she can regain her health.

In addition, the people worked together to build a house for both the puppies and their mother. 

Thanks to social media, the dog's story has gone viral and the dog and her puppies are under the care of an animal clinic. Currently, the dogs are waiting to be adopted by a new owner.

Mr. A commented, "I was only saving another life, there's no other reason. We are working diligently to find a safe home for the puppies to live in. We ask for much love and support."

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