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Government sues all parties involved in the Sewol ferry sinking

By jubilantj   Thursday, November 19, 2015   5,837   79   26



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Image: Yonhap

The government has filed a damages suit against Cheonghaejin Marine Company Ltd., the business that operated the Sewol ferry, demanding the repayment for the indemnities it had disbursed to the shipping company as state expenditures. 

On November 19, the Ministry of Justice filed a damages suit through the Seoul Central District Court against 22 people, including six Cheonghaejin executives, the Sewol captain and 15 crewmen.

The damages that the government filed suit for, which amounts to a total of 187.8 billion KRW (~$162.43 million USD), incorporate the funds it has disbursed so far for indemnification. Should the scale of the indemnities and relevant expenditures increase in the future, the government plans to raise the amount of their claim. 

This lawsuit came after news of the Supreme Court's ruling on November 12 that Sewol's captain, 70-year-old Lee Joon Seok, its crewmen, and various Cheonghaejin reps were found guilty of murder and negligence. 

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Prior to the filing of the suit, the Ministry of Justice took steps to preserve what remaining assets they can obtain. The Ministry made certain that through the request of measures such as provisional seizure of assets and injunctions, the company wouldn't allocate the money they should expend towards compensation elsewhere. 

The total sum of asset preservation that the courts has approved amounts to 166.98 billion KRW (~$144.48 million USD). The assets that the late Cheonghaejin chairman Yoo Byeong Uhn held in possession are also included in the preservation amount. Including the assets he had retained under different names, they amount to a total of 92.5 billion KRW (~$80 million USD). 

The Ministry also plans to file suit against the offspring and heirs of Yoo within this year. 

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Ryen Friday, November 20, 2015

It's about friggin' time... not sure why it took so long for the prosecution to finally do something, but hopefully this will finally give the families of the victims some closure.

zippys420 Thursday, November 19, 2015

The Korean government is going to sue everybody involved, including their family pets it seems, so no one asks about the government's role in this fiasco. ;This folks is called Operation: Smoke and Mirrors. ;

senpai Thursday, November 19, 2015

>>>> " This folks is called Operation: Smoke and Mirrors." Do you have proof of the government's role? It's okay if you provide evidence of your claims in Korean websites because I can read Korean. Meanwhile If you care to recall in Sept 2015, the victims' families sued the ferry company & also the government for compensation. Additionally the petition also asked the government to speed up their investigations and to properly punish those accountable. Notice the wording (you can doub;e-check using google) used by the victims' families : they are not suing the government for being responsible for the accident but for compensation (higher amount than what the government had offered them). Assuming you are a lawyer with several years experience, you would know that the court cannot force the ferry company to pay compensation until the government finishes their investigations and bring them to trial. THIS NEWS ABOVE is the government's beginning the long process of proving the ferry company is at fault for the sinking, for making illegal modifications to the ferry, and for hiding/destroying material evidence to conceal those modifications. We South Koreans know the Coast Guard bungled the rescue ops and the top echelons of the Coast Guard were fired and the Coast Guard was dissolved. The PM at that time took responsibility and resigned. President Park went on TV and apologised to the families and to the nation, admitting they were at fault for bungling the rescue ops. So unless you have clear and direct additional evidence that the government was at fault, I for one will be very happy if together we can join the mass protests scheduled for Dec 5, and bring down President Park. Savvy?

xpari Thursday, November 19, 2015

@senpai I think zippys is referring to, beyond conspiracy theories, the politics that put people in these positions. They make so little, with extremely low to non-existent wellfare, that their potential poverty makes them "risk" it. (There's actually a concept about low risk reward systems in economy, but I don't remember the English name..) As well as lack of regulation laws that are actually executed, plus lobbyism that streaks through any and all prosecution, laws, etc. Right now, government is doing what it has to in order to actually go through with everything, but let's not pretend politicians all around the world aren't corrupt. They are.

senpai Friday, November 20, 2015

@xpari >>>"but let's not pretend politicians all around the world aren't corrupt. They are." But the article and @zippys420 original post are not about global politicians, are they? Because you and everyone else can see that he mentioned " ... so no one asks about the government's role in this fiasco." He's referring specifically to the South Korean government, and so I would like to know if he has some extra information to share? Btw you @xpari speaking on his behalf may be gallant and all but I think @zippys420 can fend for himself and make his own rebuttal.

xpari Friday, November 20, 2015

@senpai I spoke about OP's comment because I share parts of the opinion they offered. Of course they are going to talk about SK's government.. since this is about SK. I included all politicians as a prevention because I didn't want someone to misunderstand that I was thinking only SK's politicians were corrupt.

wstp Friday, November 20, 2015

@zippys420 there's no smoke and mirrors here from the government just a legal process that needs to be followed in order for the families to get answers and everything else they want. the Yoo family is being sued BC it was a family run company and they hid documents, made illegal changes, overloading of the ferry and the father vanished after the incident so this is why they are being sued now. also the families already sued the government and the prime minister at the time resigned because of this incident. Answers are finally been given to those who deserve them so let's stop with the conspiracy theories and focus on facts.

zippys420 Friday, November 20, 2015

Yoo Byung-Eun

pkmy1996 Thursday, November 19, 2015

"The Ministry also plans to file suit against the offspring and heirs of Yoo within this year." ;Da fuck? Is this how a "republic" works?!

senpai Thursday, November 19, 2015

The 2 sons ran the daily operations of the company while the eldest daughter was the one who made the illegal modifications to the ferry and hid the documentation. The brother, brother-in-law, wives all had controlling stakes in the company and the company was also being embezzled because investigations show that many irregularities in the accounts - it is believed the family members were siphoning off the company's finances either for self-gain or to finace another fo their shipping company from going under. Google and Wikipedia has got extensive summations of what I have just wrote. If you can read Korean, similar articles based on the statements from the Prosecutor's Office are available at Korean news agencies websites inclduing the TV News networks like KBS, SBS, MBC, etc. As a South Korean I don't expect you to praise my country but I do hope you check your facts first, then blast my country to smithereens. Fair enough?

no_nonsense Thursday, November 19, 2015

@senpai Good, solid reply. Respect.

MyTwoCent Thursday, November 19, 2015

my head hurts from reading the article. ;*scratches head so, does any of the money (this money) go to the victims family!??? btw, the government su...ha! thats like the pot calling the kettle black.

Wendyeve Thursday, November 19, 2015

Aigoo! Too many figures and too many people I can't keep up my head is spinning. That's a lot of people the government is suing for the incident actually that's way too many. I feel sorry for the people who have to keep track of all of that.

kpoppower Thursday, November 19, 2015

Ok i admit i only ready this quickly but..... why sue so many people? I understand that this was a tragic accident, and a lot of innocent people lost their life`s! but ;surely all this was just down to the captain? and he`s now in prison.

senpai Thursday, November 19, 2015

The Sewol ferry was operated by Chonghaejin Marine which was owned by Yoo Byung-eun 73 who went into hiding after the ferry sank and was for a while, the most wanted man in Korea. His body was found a month later in a field ... apparently a suicide case. He was your typical chaebol - his 2 sons ran the daily operations of Chonghaejin while his eldest daughter was incharge of design and modifications of the ferry. Being a typical chaebol company, Yoo's wife, brother in law, brother, all had some form of control in the company. One of the contributing factors for Sewol's sinking was due to its ILLEGAL modifications - before and during the day of the sinking, the ferry was carrying vehicles & passengers that exceeded the allowable limits - Prosecutor's Office had to find/uncover conclusive proof that the owners and operators of Chonghaejin falsified documents, destroyed documentary evidence of modifications and Chonghaejin's financial accounts were also suspected on being embezzled by the Yoo clan to finance another shipping company that was in the red. THIS NEWS today will be the beginning of what we Koreans have been waiting for - to see the company being held accountable for the sinking and also to confiscate the company's finances and use them to compensate the victims' families. The government has indeed already made the payouts and this court action merely makes sure that the compensation actually comes from the company. However if the lawyers for Chonghaejin can prove their 'innocence' then the government will lose this lawsuit - especially those who believe there was a conspiracy. Nobody, not even the AKP armchair experts below, knows the truth until this lawsuit takes it course.

kpoppower Thursday, November 19, 2015

@senpai ILLEGAL modifications - before and during the day of the sinking, the ferry was carrying vehicles & passengers that exceeded the allowable limits. Cool... makes sense now. Thanks.

KpopPennies Thursday, November 19, 2015

The government? That's rich.

13AshleySJ Thursday, November 19, 2015

The Ministry also plans to file suit against the offspring and heirs of Yoo within this year. ;


senpai Thursday, November 19, 2015

If you care, do read my post above. If you want verification, google. Btw a lawsuit is just the beginning ... the accused parties have every right to defend themselves and prove their innocence. That's how a democratic country works. So if they are not guilty, what's the problem?

13AshleySJ Thursday, November 19, 2015

@senpai my comment was, my reaction to the sentence. not the whole article or situation. (its clear you have strong opinions about this) I care but not enough to read your post or to verify on google. Good Day.

no_nonsense Thursday, November 19, 2015

@13AshleySJ To summarize Senpai's post, the members enhanced the risk of the ferry sinking with their (illegal) decisions and thus contributed to the sinking and deaths of so many people.

senpai Thursday, November 19, 2015

@13AshleySJ Even though I'm South Korean, I do not find your remarks in your first post offensive but very amusing. I was just sort of curious ... had you had known his youngest offspring was born in 1966, and his heirs are all in their 30s, would you still have used the same words? **No need to reply**

13AshleySJ Thursday, November 19, 2015

@senpai Im glad that you didn't find them offensive because that wasn't my intention , actually my comment had no intention whats so ever, {in my opinion their relationship with the accident is more relevant than their age} thanks for the extra info

13AshleySJ Thursday, November 19, 2015

@13AshleySJ oh, if the comment I last made sounds rude or anything like that ,(cuz i think it kinds does) i would fix it but their no delete or edit button , so i apologies in advance

Rebel_Patriot Thursday, November 19, 2015

The next step is for the "government" to punish itself. South Korean government corruption and incompetence was as much to blame as the greed and negligence of the shipping company and the cowardice and disregard of the crew. When government officials are held responsible as well, then South Korea can claim justice was done to the victims and their families.

CalB90 Thursday, November 19, 2015

"The Ministry also plans to file suit against the offspring and heirs of Yoo within this year" ... Holy shit! It what kind of justice system does SK have to sue the 'offspring' of this former Chairman? He owned the damn company that operated the ferry. But he is not responsible for the Captain's and the some of the crews neglect that led to the tragedy. Yet to further sue his children!!! WTF have they done? They have no part in what happened other than being born right now! The justice system (and law/politics) in SK is beyond questionable at times. For a 'republic', it is VERY demanding at times!

senpai Thursday, November 19, 2015

Did you bother to check the ages of 'his children"? He had 4 offspring, the youngest born 1968. All his 4 children had controlling stakes in the ferry company as well as in another shipping company. The two sons and eldest daughter were the actual bosses who ran the ferry company, who made illegal modifications to the ferry, and hid/burnt documents to cover up their crime. The ferry company's accounts were also falsified to cover up the embezzlement because the 4 siblings plus their uncles plus their wives were found to have siphoned company money from the ferry company in order to fiance their cult activities and to prevent their other shipping company from going under. These facts are not my invention ... you can google them or if you can read Korean, they are available at Korean news agencies websites as well as as those of KBS, MBC, SBS news.

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