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BoA conspires with Lee Yi Kyung, plotting against Park Min Young in the latest episode of 'Marry My Husband'


[Warning: Spoilers are ahead.]

In the latest episode of 'Marry My Husband,' Park Min Hwan (played by Lee Yi Kyung) made a deal with Oh Yu Ra (played by BoA) to get rid of Kang Ji Won (portrayed by Park Min Young).

In the 13th episode that aired on February 12, Oh Yu Ra asks Park Min Hwan to kill Kang Ji Won. Oh Yu Ra has been trying to win back her ex-fiancé Yoo Ji Hyuk (portrayed by Na In Woo).

However, Yoo Ji Hyuk handed over a stock transfer certificate to break all ties with her. Yoo Ji Hyuktoldo Oh Yu Ra, "Take this and stop what you're doing." Oh Yu Ra argued, "I don't know why you think I'd do anything. Things you just said, it hurts. Even without this, I won't do anything. I realized breaking off the engagement was a mistake." She continues to threaten him by saying, "Have your fun. Love always comes to an end. When yours does, come back to me."

After Yoo Ji Hyuk left, Park Min Hwan, who was already at Oh Yu Ra's house, came out from hiding. 

Oh Yu Ra continued to tell Park Min Hwan, "Kill Kang Ji Won. I'll clean up the mess. You'll have enough money for the rest of your life. I'll get Yoo Ji Hyuk. And I'll make sure he regrets offering me something like that" and kisses Park Min Hwan.

Meanwhile, Jung Soo Min (portrayed by Song Ha Yoon) also continues to aid Park Min Hwan in his plan to kill Kang Ji Won. She hands a bag of cash to her father and carries out Park Min Hwan's plans.

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17 days ago

I think I get why they added her. Now I am excited to see how Sumin and MH are punished and not feel bad for them.

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PrncessConsuela1,769 pts 17 days ago 0
17 days ago

This sounds a bit too much. Killing your ex-fiancee's gf to get him back? Lol it was way better in the webtoon and made more sense

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