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BLACKPINK's LISA becomes the First K-pop Act to be inducted as a Cultural Icon in the "Asian Hall of Fame"

BLACKPINK's Lisa has made history by being inducted into the 'Asian Hall of Fame,' a monumental recognition that underscores her status as a world-class artist and a pivotal figure in the cultural landscape. 

Her inclusion in this prestigious circle marks a significant milestone, as she is the first K-pop artist to be honored since the Hall of Fame's inception in 2004, reflecting the expansive influence of Asian artists across the globe. With this honor, Lisa not only elevates her home countries of Thailand and South Korea but also joins the ranks of such illustrious artists as Freddie Mercury of the iconic rock band 'Queen' and the esteemed Japanese composer Ryuichi Sakamoto. Her recognition heralds a new era for the Asian Hall of Fame, celebrating the diversity and dynamism of Asia's artistic contributions to the world.

Lisa's ascent to global stardom has been punctuated by a cascade of record-shattering achievements, solidifying her as a force majeure in the music industry. Her solo debut captivated the world, setting a YouTube record for the most views within the first 24 hours for a music video, and sustained its momentum to become the most-watched video of the year. On Spotify, she distinguished herself as the first K-pop solo artist to surpass one billion streams for a single track, while her album became the most-streamed by a K-pop solo artist on the platform.

Beyond streaming milestones, Lisa has captivated a massive social media following, becoming the most followed Asian act on Instagram. Her litany of accolades includes the most Guinness World Records held by a K-pop solo artist, a testament to her wide-ranging influence. Not only has she made history as the first K-pop solo artist to grace the stages of the VMAs and EMAs, but she has also significantly contributed to the tourism industry and economic growth in her native Thailand, evidencing the power of her cultural impact. These extraordinary records reflect not just her artistic prowess but also her unparalleled ability to transcend borders and inspire a global audience. more.

On the other hand, although Lisa, as a solo artist, has not released music since 2021, her monthly listeners on Spotify have risen again. She recently had 9.34M monthly listeners on Spotify. While on YouTube, her mega hit "Money" continues its path towards a billion views, currently having 923M views.

Congratulations to BLACKPINK's LISA!

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Friday, November 3, 2023

What a joke! As if there're no more artists that have a lot more reasons to be there instead of her.

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