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'Physical: 100' reveals unedited footage at press conference to clear up rumors of manipulating the results


On March 9, the production team of the Netflix original entertainment show 'Physical: 100' revealed that there was no fabrication of the final results and decided to reveal unedited footage of the last round.

Producer Jang Ho Ki and producer Kim Young Ki held a press conference at the MBC Golden Mouse Hall in Sangam-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, and released the original video of the finals to the reporters. The producers explained, "the production team stopped (the finals) first because of noise." The production team apologized for several times that day saying, "We apologize to the viewers, the cast members, and the two contestants."

'Physical:100' is a competition show to find out the best physique among 100 contestants competing for 300 million KRW. The show became the first Korean variety TV show to rank first in the global Netflix TV show category.

However, shortly after the final winner was announced, there were accusations that the show manipulated the final results

The claims stated that Jung Hae Min was winning the final round when Woo Jin Yong stopped the round stating there was an issue with his equipment. When production checked the equipment, they reportedly found nothing wrong, but Woo Jin Yong allegedly claimed it was squeaking too much. The equipment for both contestants was then lubricated and the difficulty level was allegedly changed.

A few days after, Jung Hae Min, the runner-up of 'Physical: 100,' personally spoke up and gave his account of the situation in regard to the manipulation controversy. He explained that Woo Jin Yong had stopped the competition and claimed that the wheel was making too much noise. Jung Hae Min also shared that the producers stopped the round a second time near the end of the battle and asked if the round can be re-recorded due to sound issues.

During the press conference held on this day, the main producers showed the uncut footage which showed that there was much noise coming from the wheel. In the video, the game continued for 10 minutes when the wheels began making noise. At first Woo Jin Yong's wheel made noise but later, Jung Hae Min's wheel began making noise that was overwhelming.

Producer Jang Ho Ki explained, "We decided to continue with the round to prevent the flow of the game from being disrupted. But then we stopped the game because the continuous noise seemed very serious and it was difficult to use the footage. The noise kept getting louder during the competition."

He continued to share, "If the pulley shaft was destroyed and the wheel became loose and rolled out, there was a great risk of injury. So we didn't just stop the game without reason or to affect the outcome."

In regard to the second time the game was stopped, the producer showed a video of the angle showing a close-up of the pulley on the wheel barrel. The producer explained, "The game resumed, but was stopped again after 26 seconds." The game was stopped due to the knotting on the pulley on Woo Jin Yong's side. The producer explained that they halted the game again but Jung Hae Min continued until the production team blew the whistle.

Producer Jang explained, "We explained the unexpected situation to both contestants and we received agreement from both. We asked if they would like to do the competition again a few days later but they wanted to continue on the same day." He added, "The allegations that the production team manipulated the results unfairly to make a specific contestant a winner and to make the competition more dramatic is false."

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17 days ago

That's still unfair for the other contestant. THEY'RE the show runners, not him. So letting the other contestant choose whether to continue filming or to continue another day puts him in a tough spot that might have made him feel responsible for the producers' and other contestants' time, thus urging him to just continue with the final mission, even when he's tired and is put in an unfair situation. If the show runners really wanted a fair result, they should have just taken the reigns themselves and just scheduled it for another day, but no, they had to put that responsibility on a contestant lmaoo, give me a fucking break

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tagnol82,437 pts 17 days ago 1
17 days ago

They should have mentioned it when the last episode aired, anticlimactic but at least they had some dignity. Now they sound like unprofessional manipulators trying to cover up their mistakes.

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