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Lee Min Ho's agency also clarifies why the star recently paid additional taxes after being audited


On March 2, actor Lee Min Ho's agency MYM Entertainment released a statement to clarify why the star recently paid additional taxes after being audited.

The label explained on this day:

"Hello, this is MYM Entertainment.
We would like to notify you with some clarifications regarding our agency artist.
Both actor Lee Min Ho and the agency have fulfilled all tax payments in a diligent and timely manner without cause for any disgraceful issues. 
Most recently, Lee Min Ho was asked to pay additional taxes for payments he received in the past as damages for a case of 'unlawful use of an artist's image for profit'. As there was some uncertainty as to whether or not payments received as damages for such a case would fall under earnings to be filed, ultimately during a recent tax audit this amount was identified as taxable earnings. As a result, tax for this amount was paid accordingly. 
That is all. Thank you."

Recently, numerous celebrities have undergone tax audits, resulting in them paying additional taxes for miscellaneous earnings and income. 

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WinterVII301 pts 25 days ago 0
25 days ago

Honestly, countries make it confusing as hell to calculate and submit taxes; I imagine it gets only worse the more money you earn, as well as the the more avenues of income that goes in and out as well. He probably just has some accountants that do all the heavy lifting while promising the least amount of taxes and an occasional error comes up that needs to be corrected.

As long as he ain't fully evading them, then it's really not newsworthy at all.

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thieves4,750 pts 24 days ago 0
24 days ago

"that is all. thank you" LOL best way to end. i doubt they'd publicly be lying about what he needed to pay additional taxes on tbh and, given it isn't a common item (damages for use of image for profit), it actually makes sense. it would be different if he didn't pay taxes on his regular earnings, for example. taxes are confusing; even though i'm sure minho has an accountant, it could still be confusing because he might not even be paying taxes on the money from damages themselves (you wouldn't where i live) but there could have been tax implications because of the additional income. i think doing a celebrity's taxes must be exhausting lol

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