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iKON's Bobby invites fans to unravel the hidden meaning behind his upcoming album 'S.i.R'

What do you think 'S.i.R' stands for?

iKON's main rapper Bobby is coming back with his first single and third release 'S.i.R' this March 21st with two tracks 'Cherry Blossom,' a love song that tells a story of a short and beautiful love, and title track 'Drowning,' a synth-pop song about being immersed in the charm of the opposite sex in a duet with RnB artist SOLE. This is Bobby's first comeback under new home 143 Entertainment.

BOBBY’s 1st Solo Single 'S.i.R' Concept Photo | 143 Entertainment

A recent interaction of Bobby with a fan led to a guessing game between him and fandom iKONICs. Naturally, fans are curious and excited about Bobby's upcoming album. The album is named Sir, styled as 'S.i.R', and a fan can't help but ask if there's a meaning behind it, considering the interesting way of styling the word. The suspicion is then confirmed as Bobby replied to the post with, "You'll see."

Since then, fans have tried to decipher what 'S.i.R' stands for and what it meant in "Bobby's language". Fans posts their guesses on fan platform Weverse where Bobby replies to them.

This is not the first time for Bobby's songs and album to have a hidden meaning. In fact, all the songs in his 2nd full album 'LUCKY MAN' has a different meaning than just the literal song title. All the song titles are styled in mix lowercase and uppercase letters similar to 'S.i.R'. The uppercase letters in the song title are then revealed to be intentional and holds a significant meaning, serving as a mysterious symbolism of each songs. Since Bobby never revealed its meaning, this mysterious symbolism remains to the listeners' interpretation.

With this, 'S.i.R' is expected to be another showcase of Bobby's genius lyricism and artistry. 'S.i.R' officially drops this March 21st, 6PM KST with a music video for title track 'Drowning'. While the music video for B-side track 'Cherry Blossom' will be pre-released on the 20th. 

Watch the teaser for 'Cherry Blossom' below.

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