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[CW/TW] JMS is allegedly educating their followers that the audio tape released by Netflix was fabricated


[CW/ TW - Content Warning/Trigger Warning]

There has been much commotion, and shock in the Korean community after the Netflix docuseries 'In the Name of God: A Holy Betrayal' premiered earlier this month. Many were disturbed after seeing the atrocities committed by these cults/pseudo-religions. In particular, many were disgusted by the horrendous sexual crime of Jung Myung Seok, the founder of Providence, better known as JMS.

Recent revelations indicate that JMS is maintaining stringent control over its followers by twisting the narratives of those who suffered sexual abuse by Jung Myung Seok, who was detained for sexually assaulting female members of his group.

On March 16, a recorded file with the title 'The education on the JMS trial situation' has been circulating on the web, leaked by former members of the cult. The audio features discussions in support of the cult leader and his actions. It was discovered that the recording originated from an internal educational session held at the Wolmyeong-dong Training Center, a JMS facility in Geumsan-gun, Chungcheongnam-do, on the very same day. JMS commemorates Jung Myung Seok's birthday, March 16, with an extravagant celebration called 'the 316 Rapture Anniversary' each year.

According to the informant, the speaker's identity in the recording is only assumed to be one of the JMS executive workers who also participated in the trial of the religious leader Jung Myung Seok.

In the recording, the JMS executive explains to the followers that the phrase "I came 50 times" that was revealed through 'In the Name of God: A Holy Betrayal' was not a sexual phrase but was fabricated. In the docuseries, a voice recording of Jung Myung Seok was revealed when he was sexually assaulting Maple Yip, a former female follower.

In regard to this, the executive explains, "Maple had diarrhea, and teacher (Jung Myung Seok) said 'for diarrhea, you need to drink a lot of Wolmyeong water to get rid of toxins in your body. How many times did you pee? I drink a lot of this water, so I peed 50 times.' They edited this part."

Wolmyeong water is a type of "Holy Water" to JMS followers because JMS claims that there are healing powers in the Wolmyeong water.

However, Pastor Kim Kyeong Cheon, the former vice-president of JMS, stated, "That's a complete lie. The Wolmyeong water is just the water in the yard of the training center in Wolmyeong-dong. Water is basically good for the body. A lot of followers have been claiming that they got better just by drinking that Wolmyeong water."

Furthermore, the JMS executive in the audio argues that Maple could not have been attacked in the location she alleges the rape occurred, as the room is made of glass. The sexual assault would have been impossible due to the visibility from outside, including by the secretary.

Pastor Kim Kyeong Cheon argued, "One of the places where the sexual assaults occurred is known to be the blue-tiled house where Jung Myung Seok lives in Wolmyeong-dong Training Center. It's a regular house. So how can an outsider know what's going on in a private room? He (what the educator) claims is a lie." Pastor Kim also added that the place is guarded outside, so people cannot freely go in and out.

With the contents of the JMS education against the Netflix documentary being released, there is growing concern that the victims may experience a secondary form of assault.

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These people are definitely going to hell.

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Maybe because im an atheist, i really don't understand this blind devotion to a person, not even a deity, which makes one's moral compass or human natural instinct completly disappear. This people remind me of Warren's Jeff's Fundamental church than even from prison gets a hold on his community.... creepy.

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