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6 hit K-POP songs that are remakes


Have you ever heard a new K-POP release and wondered why it sounds familiar? A few of these hits from some of the biggest groups have actually been remakes of older classics. Here are six hit K-POP songs that are remakes:

Candy - NCT Dream

Original 1996:

Candy,” the lead single for NCT Dream’s holiday-themed sixth EP released December 16, 2022, is a remake of H.O.T.’s legendary song. H.O.T.’s Candy was voted the most popular song of 1996 in South Korea, according to an MTV Korea survey. H.O.T. 's song was influential as an idol group bubblegum pop song that showcased dance, rap, and fashion. H.O.T. was at the forefront of defining a new trend of mainstream music in South Korea at the time. NCT Dream’s wintery remake with their own colors proved successful as “Candy” topped numerous charts, including Melon, Bugs, and Vibe TOP100 charts.

Dreams Come True - Aespa

Original 1998:

Aespa’s single “Dreams Come True,” released December 20, 2021, is a remake of their label senior S.E.S. 's iconic song from 1998. S.E.S.’s “Dreams Come True” has been covered by many girl group idols, and is actually a licensed remake of the Finnish pop song “Like a Fool.” Singer BoA was involved in the production and choreography of the song. Aespa’s modern and R&B spin on “Dreams Come True” was a huge success and well-received by fans.

Come Back Home - BTS

Original 1996:

BTS released a remake of Seo Taiji and Boys’ trailblazing hit song “Come Back Home” on July 5, 2017. Along with Seo Taiji himself, BTS members RM and J-Hope wrote lyrics and remade the sound of Seo Taiji and Boys' 1996 hit “Come Back Home.” Both the original track and BTS’s remake talked about social issues and addressed topics that were relevant during the time of release. BTS showed their hip-hop prowess by adding their own flavor to this legendary K-POP hit, and this was well-received, as BTS were invited to perform at Seo Taiji’s concert in 2017.

Listen to my World (A-ing) - Oh My Girl

Original 2000:

Oh My Girl’s single “Listen to My World (A-ing), released on August 1, 2016, is a remake of girl group Papaya’s hit song from 2000. Oh My Girl’s remake had their own strong vocals, as well as a new rap was written by group member Mimi. This remake also featured reggae and rap artists Skull and Haha. Oh My Girl’s “Listen to My World (A-ing)” peaked at the top of the Gaon chart.

Precious Love - Twice

Original 1998:

Twice’s “Precious Love” is a B-side from their breakthrough second EP, 'Page Two,' that propelled them from promising rookies into a top girl group. This track was released on April 25, 2016, and is a remake of Park Ji-Yoon’s single from 1998, both written by J.Y. Park himself. Twice’s remake showcases their charming vocals and a new rap verse written by group member Chaeyoung. Although this is a lesser-known B-side song compared to Twice’s hit songs, it is an excellent remake of a classic hit.

Be Natural - Red Velvet

Original 2000:

Red Velvet’s “Be Natural,” released on October 13, 2014, is a remake of legendary girl group S.E.S.’s hit song from 2000. This was Red Velvet's first track under their “Velvet” concept that was more mature and sultry compared to their previous bright “Red” pop releases, and fans appreciated the duality between releases. Red Velvet’s “Be Natural” featured NCT Taeyong, who at the time was still a trainee known as SR14B’s Taeyong.

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How can you miss Sunset Glow by Big Bang originally by Lee Moon Sae? 😮‍💨

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I'll add VIXX's Love Equation - a remake of R.ef's Farewell Formula - to the list!
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