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Yoo Ah In receives a summon for questioning on drug charges


Yoo Ah In received a summon for questioning on drug charges. 

On February 27, the Drug Crime Investigation Unit of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency (MFDS) compared and analyzed the propofol prescription status and actual medical records of Yoo Ah In from the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety.

In addition, the police will continue to investigate whether Yoo Ah In habitually used propofol last year and whether any other narcotics besides propofol and hemp were administered.

Recently, Yoo Ah In was suspected of habitual use of propofol. On February 5, the police seized and searched the body of Yoo Ah when he entered the country through Incheon International Airport after a trip to the United States. A urine test was conducted, hair was also collected, and analysis was requested from the National Institute of Scientific Investigation. After the results were revealed, it was found that hemp and third narcotic components were also detected in addition to propofol.

In response, the police plan to secure Yoo Ah In's cell phone and summon him as a suspect for investigation as soon as the digital forensic results are released.

As the investigation of the references of the hospital officials, including the doctor who prescribed propofol to Yoo Ah In, is underway, it seems that the summoning investigation of Yoo Ah In will begin soon. 

It has been revealed that Yoo Ah In took propofol a total of 73 times from January 4, 2021, to December 23 of the same year; the public's attention is also focused on the issues to be revealed in the additional investigation.

Meanwhile, Yoo Ah In was scheduled to release various works this year, such as the Netflix movie 'The Match,' the Netflix series 'Goodby Earth,' and the film 'High Five,' but his latest drug controversy is causing much trouble in the premiere of the works lined up this year.

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Monday, February 27, 2023

I feel bad for him. Clearly a high functioning addict. The Korean public is not known for being forgiving when it comes to drug use. Hope that doctor loses his license.

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