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Majority of women in a South Korean poll state that marriage and children are "not important"


In a recent poll, the majority of South Korean women stated that marriage and having children are not essential in their life. Among women aged 20 to 34, only 4% considered marriage and having children an "essential" part of their life. On the other hand, 53.2% responded that "marriage and childbirth" are not important in a woman's life.

In the 'Influence of young people's perception of quality of life and social quality on their attitude toward marriage and childbirth' published in Social Welfare Research by the Korea Social Welfare Research Association, among 281 unmarried men and women aged 20 to 34, only 4.0% of women agreed that marriage and childbirth are essential to a woman's life. 12.9% of men agreed with the same question. Also, fewer women (42.9%) answered that marriage and childbirth are important in a woman’s life than men (61.3%).

It is analyzed that women perceive marriage and childbirth as a choice that is not so important in their lives. As the costs of marriage, childbirth, and childrearing have increased, there has been a tendency to give up or postpone marriage and childbirth in South Korea.

Corresponding author Park Jung Min, professor of social welfare at Seoul National University, said, “Marriage and childbirth are personal and social acts that take place in the context of a social community, and are closely related to efforts to restore society as a ‘community’ rather than ‘individual self-reliance’.”

Additionally, the '2022 Korea Welfare Panel Survey and Analysis Report' was released by the Korea Institute for Health and Social Affairs on February 26. In the 17th survey of 7,865 households from March to July last year, it was found that only 21.4% agreed that 'children are responsible for supporting their elderly parents.'

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27 days ago

Most countries suffering from this issue would rather push the idea that men are losers obsessed with gaming and women are not interested cause they care about their jobs more. In reality, the issue is capitalism. People are more and more being pushed away from children due to the growing cost of having a home raising one and the lack of pay increase to keep rich people making more and more money. No amount of character branded condoms and shaming will solve the actual systemic issues caused by the selfish older generations that didn’t want to pay the taxes their parent payed for them to retire and have kids properly. What you should take away from this article is that women (and men) have been pushed more to work and support the market over taking the immense financial burden of having a child let alone 2-5.

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Ramenbitch3,856 pts 27 days ago 2
27 days ago

It's 2023, who still thinks marriage and kids are an essential part of a woman's life? If someone personally wants to get married and have kids then that's that but saying it's generally essential for women? That's some backwoods thinking.

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