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'Peak Time' contestant gains spotlight for working extra to promote his group after company takes a financial hit and ceases to operate


A certain leader of a mid-tier company boy group is gaining attention.

After his exposure on JTBC's 'Peak Time,' VANNER's Taehwan has been receiving attention for his hard work ethics and singing abilities. As the group's leader, Taehwan has been volunteering to promote his group even when the company ceased to operate due to a financial downfall.

Fans further revealed that Taehwan was exempted from his military service based on income, which is a rare case protected by the law for families undergoing extreme financial insecurity.

Despite having zero income, Taehwan was proven to have actively updated fans via weekly V Lives, cover songs, and fan cafes for over a year.

According to sources online, Taehwan also willfully managed his group's schedules and meetings, including editing their promotional content on YouTube. He has also been known to host at almost every event that VANNER has been invited to.

Moreover, netizens are also discussing his live singing abilities with the group's performance as Team 11:00 on 'Peak Time.'

Due to the company's situation, VANNER previously revealed that it was 'all hands on deck,' with the CEO also taking a part-time job to sustain the entertainment agency.

In related news, VANNER's Hyesung previously gained attention for working part-time at 'LUSH,' and the group held a small-scale live tour in the U.S. last year. Check out the exclusive concert review here.

Netizen reactions include:

"Honestly he is so, so, so good at singing"
"I can't believe I was blind to this person until now"

"This group also gifted their fans baked sweet potatoes while they were promoting...they are really sweet"
"I really hope they rise up"

"I almost cried while watching Peak Time"

"He is honestly so diligent and is hardworking at whatever he does..."

"SO good at singing"
"My ears are so happy to hear them"

"It is really hard to get an exemption from the military for financial reasons so that means things must have been really difficult for his family"
"Please, please, please get famous"
"Honestly, everything about this group is perfect except for the financial situation of their company"

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xx-jenn-xx Allkill VIP 15,710 pts Sunday, February 19, 2023 0
Sunday, February 19, 2023

Vanner really has great music out there and the true example of never giving up on their dreams. There's a lot of BG's on this show that I'm rooting for, them included and I hope this helps them out. They really touched the judges heart...maybe one of them should pick up Vanner into their company. Just Sayin!

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YuYanGz825 pts Sunday, February 19, 2023 0
Sunday, February 19, 2023

so heartbreaking that they say even their CEO also working part time..like they are so loyal that they didnt left but working hard together...their live vocals are stable even with dancing

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