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Posted by Janie-Reign Monday, April 18, 2022

[Concert Review] VANNER light up the stage and successfully wrap up their 2022 'BOOST UP PART 1' US tour


On April 8, VANNER successfully wrapped up their '2022 BOOST UP PART 1' US tour at The Vermont theatre in Los Angeles, California. The concert kicked off with three of their hit songs, “Form,” “LACHATA,” and “Purge Day.” The energy was incredibly high from the outset as fans began to scream the minute their introductory VCR came on.

Dressed in light-colored checkered outfits, the boys put on a fun and casual atmosphere for the fans. Their stage mannerisms were highly interactive, and each member’s dynamic facial expressions were full of passion and enthusiasm.

Once they gathered for their first talk session, the members at first could not start talking because of the crowd’s flood of cheers. The boys soon said that this was their third time in Los Angeles and expressed their gratitude for the warm welcome.

Keeping the atmosphere pumped up, the boys continued with more dance-heavy tracks, including “Nasty.” Despite their rather ‘adorable’ outfits, their choreography and stage presence verged on a rather powerful and sexy concept. Not for a single second did the boys forget to have fun on stage, judging by their playful interactions with the fans.

Two of the songs they delivered back-to-back were more on the romantic and relaxed side, which the boys later described in English as tracks that should make you feel like “going in space” or “running towards the sky.” The songs were “Without You” and “Like A Star,” and the audience reveled in the dreamy feeling that was resonated by the members’ live vocals.

Throughout the concert, the members also carried out random Q&A sessions with some randomly selected fans from the crowd.

The next part of the concert was, in a way, the highlight of the evening. The boys split up into different stages and delivered either a solo or a unit performance! The first performance was Taehwan’s cover of TOMORROW x TOGETHER’s “0X1=LOVESONG (I Know I Love You),” which he sang all by himself using a single microphone stand. His powerful stage presence and vocal abilities absolutely stole the fans’ hearts.

The next stages consisted of Hyesung’s cover of BTS’s “Permission To Dance,” followed by GON, Ahxian, and Youngkwang’s cover of Song Min Ho, ONE, Andup, and JaMezz‘s “Turtle Ship.” This was a serious ‘turn-up’ moment for the fans as well as for the members, who weren’t afraid to be charismatic and goofy at the same time!

Even as the concert was nearing its end, the long, drawn-out screams (or screeching?) sound of the enthusiastic fans went through the roof. The members also noticed this and commented that some of the fans sounded like Pikachu, adorably commenting on their high-pitched cheers. The boys also noted that the cheers were even piercing through their in-ear buds, unable to be controlled for good!

For their last performances, the boys delivered “Rollin,” which is their latest title song from their 3rd single album ‘Take Off,’ followed by “Better Do Better” and “Trampoline.”

All throughout the show, the audience jumped, cheered, screamed, sang, and danced, pumping up the venue with the members. It’s been a while since I’ve witnessed such high-powered, close interaction between an idol group and their fans, and the scenes proved the years of dedication that the members formed in order to maintain their challenging career and affectionate relationship with their fans. At the end of it all, the boys bid farewell to the fans and organized a brief meet-up session to wave and greet the fans up close.

It’s already been over a month since the group had their last promotions, but judging by these international fans’ level of enthusiasm, it only seems highly likely that the group will be running towards yet another passionate comeback soon.

(Photos by Stan Leigh)

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jovvs3 pts Tuesday, April 19, 2022 0
Tuesday, April 19, 2022

this article is so nice !!!! i was also at the vanner concert in LA and it was amazing talent, energy, hard work, and the sweetest personalities vanner has it all i recommend that everyone check out their songs !!!!

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ccho953 pts Monday, April 18, 2022 0
Monday, April 18, 2022

Who are they? Their news are so important it's even pinned in akp?

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