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Fans adore HYBE's TXT and Seventeen BSS having fun and supporting each other at the Circle Chart awards


Netizens are talking about the adorable HYBE community at the recent music awards.

TXT and Seventeen BSS were both attendees at the '12th Circle Chart Music Awards' held on February 18. At the venue, several fan-taken footage revealed that the two boy groups were connecting with each other and showing full support.

For instance, a fan noticed them 'battling it out' as they waited which team would win the most-streamed song of the month of May. Netizens also remarked that they looked hilarious and 'embarrassed' when both of them lost!

Seventeen BSS were also seen "even more excited" when TXT received an award, and the same enthusiasm came from TXT when their sunbaenims were delivering their live performance.

BSS also cheered and partied when TXT were performing, creating a lovely give-and-take synergy as colleagues from HYBE.

Netizen reactions include:

"Did BSS give birth to TXT?"
"It looks like BSS are treating TXT like sons lol"
"TXT went crazy when BSS was performing"
"I don't care what the haters say, I love this kind of vibe in HYBE"
"I love all HYBE idols and love it when they are so friendly with one another"
"So warm!"
"I laughed so hard when Taehyun was reacting to BSS and wondered whether he was always that full of reactions lol"
"It was so cute because all the TXT boys are tall and yet looked so cute when cheering for BSS"
"BSS is hilarious because they are still babies but try their best to act like sunbaes in front of TXT lol they are so cute"

Do you also love the friendship in HYBE?

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armystan74,346 pts Sunday, February 19, 2023 0
Sunday, February 19, 2023

I love when groups interact like this and I’m happy to see Seventeen build relationships with TXT members. I remember BTS talked about how happy they were to have TXT debut because they waited so long to have this family like atmosphere at award shows, nice that TXT can still have seventeen there so no group is alone.

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NamjoonsBrain1,082 pts Sunday, February 19, 2023 0
Sunday, February 19, 2023

HYBE x Game Caterers S2 when?

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