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"Best remembered as Son Heung Min's ex-girlfriend," Journalist receives backlash for a negative article against Girl's Day's Minah


Recently, an entertainment journalist is facing some backlash over an article written about Girl's Day member Minah.

Minah is currently starring in the new drama 'Deliveryman' and is continuing her career as an actress. However, one journalist wrote an article on how Minah was not able to make a strong impression as an actress, and when searching for "Minah," the keywords "Son Heung Min's ex-girlfriend" and "Girl's Day member" popped up before anything else.

The journalist explained that Minah had actively participated in various works such as dramas and movies starting in 2011 but still doesn't have a work that represents her as an actress. Then in 2014, Minah was embroiled in dating rumors with soccer player Son Heung Min. At that time, Minah's agency admitted the two were dating, but Son Heung Min's agency denied the rumors.

Three months after the dating rumors, the two made an official statement saying that Minah and Son Heung Min had not seen each other since the dating rumors broke out.

The journalist continued in the article that while Minah continued to concentrate on her acting career, she was not able to rise to stardom with any of her works, even though she was one of the top idols with Girl's Day. The journalist pointed out that Minah's latest work, 'Check Out the Event,' only hovered around 1% in viewer ratings. Even the drama prior to 'Check Out the Event,' the SBS drama 'My Absolute Boyfriend,' only remained in the 2% range for ratings.

JOURNALIST HEADLINE: "Only remembered as 'Son Heung Min's ex-girlfiend'...it's ironic there is no work that represents Minah even after 12 years."

In the article, the journalist wished for Minah's success as an actress, but the headline and content of the article have brought criticisms as the journalist chose distasteful words. The article was titled, "Only remembered as 'Son Heung Min's ex-girlfiend'...it's ironic there is no work that represents Minah even after 12 years."

Most of the readers responded with "I'm Angry" when asked what they think of the article.

Netizens criticized the journalist and wrote, "This journalist sounds like her anti-fan," "What's with the article headline?" "Wow, this article title is so rude," "Minah is so good at acting," "Why is the journalist like this?" "Wow, does this person really think this is a good article title?" "The journalist is definitely an anti," "Minah was so good in Gong Shim," "This is such a malicious article about Minah," and "Did this person not watch 'Beautiful Gong Shim'?" 

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That's great! I have long been disappointed about these so called "reporters" who don't have an ounce of professionalism but just slanders and reports without credible sources. They are also so entitled and are so demanding. I hope more of these types of reporters get called out. There is a responsibility to be professional, have dignity, and honesty to be called a reporter and TBH, I rarely see it nowadays.

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24 days ago

This journalist must be one of the writers of this website

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