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Posted by optimusnins Wednesday, December 21, 2022

K-Pop Songs That Sound Like They're Straight Out Of Mario Kart


I was on Twitter the other day (more like I'm there every 2 minutes) and saw this tweet that I thought was super cute because, yes, some of these fun K-Pop songs sound like they're straight out of Mario Kart, and I love it.

The tweet got many suggestions in the replies, and here are some of them! You can also find the playlist made by the tweet's author at the end of this article.

Oh My Girl - Banana Allergy Monkey

This album's entire concept, including the album packaging, is a game console, so it's no surprise that it has that video-game sound.

TWICE - Yes or Yes

This is undeniably Mario Kart 64 music!

TWICE - Alcohol Free

Imagine just karting through "Peach Beach" with this playing. Cutest!

AOA - Bingle Bangle

A fan even made an edit of this song actually being played during a game, and it just... fits so well! I guess it has to match since the concept is about being in an 8-bit world.

Nine Muses - Drama

The intro just fits so well. Totally that little jingle before starting and then just ZOOM!

CSR - Loveticon

The intro, especially, screams Mario Kart! Come on now K-Pop; I think it's high time we get our own Kart game! It'll be the cutest and the most fun thing!

Lovelyz - Shining Star

Some say their intro sounds like an Anime opening, which it does! And I can also imagine it playing while I race!

GFriend - Sweety

This addictive song will get me more addicted than I already am to my Mario Kart. Probably a bad idea then, huh?

NCT Dream - Better Than Gold

The intro is such a textbook definition of Mario Kart 64 music.

ONF - Ugly Dance

The intro kind of had me imagining Karting through 'Luigi Raceway,' and just... winning.

NCT 127 - Punch

Okay, so this song sounded glitchier than NCT Dream's Glitch Mode, in my opinion, but to see it in this light, I do agree, and I would totally feel so energized and desire to win if this was played while I Kart.


Not only Mario Kart, but this cute and fun song could have totally made it onto a bunch of variety shows if it was not slept on.

LUCY - Jogging

Is there anything this group can't do? This fun song would totally be the one to be played while Karting through "Figure-8 Circuit."

Check out the full playlist made by user "emily l" HERE.

  1. AOA
  2. CSR (First Love)
  3. GFriend (Girlfriend)
  4. Lovelyz
  5. Lucy
  6. NCT 127
  7. NCT Dream
  8. Nine Muses
  9. Oh My Girl
  10. ONEUS
  11. ONF
  12. TWICE
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d4i5one354 pts Wednesday, December 21, 2022 1
Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Shocked to not see Hi High by LOONA. The bpm in this song scream rainbow road from mario kart

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DMV2DMZ1,986 pts Thursday, December 22, 2022 0
Thursday, December 22, 2022

Checked out the spotify list and saw Kara. Yes, Kara literally has songs (instrumentals) that sound like vid game music (side scrollers, shoot'em ups, and menu/option select screens)!

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