Posted by Sophie-Ha Thursday, December 1, 2022

K-netizens react to Dawn threatening legal action against people who claimed HyunA cheated on him and other false rumors


It has been only one day since the news of HyunA and Dawn's breakup, and even before the shock subsided, there are individuals spreading false rumors about their breakup.

On December 1, Dawn expressed his anger through his Instagram and warned that he would take legal action against anyone who spreads false information. He wrote, "Hello, this is Dawn. I'll keep it brief. The post in the second image was not written by me. The sad, dirty coward who spread those lies, I will sue you. Even if we've broken up, she is still someone I cherish, she is the most honest and respectable person I have known, and she will always be my favorite artist. Please, don't live like that. Put your precious time somewhere else."

This was in response to a recent social media post that spread online of an edited photo where it was made to look that Dawn broke up with HyunA because she was unfaithful to him. In the photo, an individual photoshopped Dawn's Instagram username and shared a message claiming, "(HyunA) hid and lied about her past. She also secretly met with other men while we were dating. She even hid her child. She said she lived with him when she was in high school...She also had an abortion. I feel so betrayed. She lies so much, even about the trivial things...it's driving me crazy..."

After reading Dawn's latest statement, netizens also were baffled and shared their opinions on the matter. They commented, "They were the one couple I wished would be happy," "Why are people so interested in celebrities' dating lives?" "You should sue~" "What's the issue, the two of them had a healthy relationship and broke up amicably," "It's more like they are divorced now," "These people gain more money from YouTube when they spread false news like that, so that's why people create fake news and spread it. Those trash people who spread fake news like that should be sent to jail and should be fined heavily," "I am worried about Dawn," "Dawn is awesome," "This is why celebrities don't go public with their relationship," and "They were so good together."

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MyongSukGim1,532 pts Thursday, December 1, 2022 0
Thursday, December 1, 2022

Dawn and Hyuna seem like good people who separated amicably and don't hate each other. I admire Dawn's defense of her. I hope he does sue.

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marast4,659 pts Thursday, December 1, 2022 2
Thursday, December 1, 2022

I don't care if they're together or if they've broken up, I don't care about the reasons for their breakup. I'm also not going to say: "Too bad they broke up" because a simple breakup is not the end of the world.

But I love that he takes legal action against these trolls, not only because they are disgusting haters, but because as always these haters slander women. I like that he is mature enough to defend her even if they are not together.

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