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Netizens wonder if TWICE's Nayeon will earn her university degree

Netizens noticed that TWICE's Nayeon has taken a leave of absence from her university and wondered if she really needs the degree. 

On October 18 KST, one netizen created an online community forum post titled, "Why Isn't Nayeon Dropping Out of University?". Along with a screenshot of Nayeon's background information written on an online source, the netizen pointed out that Nayeon is an enrolled student at Konkuk University, but has been on leave of absence for quite a while now. Considering her extremely successful career in the K-pop industry as a member of the top girl group TWICE, as well as her long period of being on leave, the netizen wondered why Nayeon doesn't consider just dropping out.

The netizen wrote, "She already hit so big that it's meaningless for her to attend university anymore. Wouldn't it be better if she just dropped out?"


- Seoul Myungwon Elementary School (graduated)
- Sungdeok Girls Middle School (graduated)
- Kang Dong High School (transferred)
- Apgujeong High School (graduated)
- Konkuk University (Video/Movie department / Leave of Absence)"

In response, netizens commented:

"On the other side, is there a reason for her to drop out?"

"She studied well? Wow, she went to Konkuk University."

"Didn't Nayeon study hard too?"

"Don't you get expelled if you're on leave of absence for too long?"

"Nayeon is attending college for such a long time. Didn't she first enroll when she was 21 years old?"

"What? How did she get into such a good school?"

"She really doesn't have any reason to stop going to Konkuk University. Still, it's good to be a college graduate."

"I didn't even know she went to college."

"The noncelebrity Korean YouTuber Soongsil attended university for 10 years, so can't Nayeon take a leave of absence too?"

"If TWICE's promotions pause in the future, she can still get a college diploma."

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2ice13,429 pts Tuesday, October 18, 2022 0
Tuesday, October 18, 2022

When she took the leave of absence she had no way of knowing whether or not her career as a singer would take off. Also, she’s on the video and movie department, so the degree could be helpful if she decides to become an actress or a director in the future.

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Jeneral_Kanina1,788 pts Tuesday, October 18, 2022 0
Tuesday, October 18, 2022

The entrance exam is tedious, this way she doesn't need to retake the exam and still attend the U in the future.

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