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'TAILOR OF CHAOS' trends Worldwide as Jimin entices fans and locals with his creativity and visuals following the preview of his photofolio project

Jimin is known for his uniqueness, which makes him stand out in any given event at any given time, which is what has made him wildly popular all around the world. As an artist, he conspicuously stands out for his unparalleled skills in dance, having trained in different dance genres whose distinctive elements he has fused together to create his signature style that dance professionals term as being 'impossible for anyone to copy or to teach.' In addition, his unique vocal tone and color, with his impressively high vocal range, sets him apart as it is uncommon for a male vocalist to possess such a high range along with all the colorful vocal qualities. In fact, his mesmerizing and refreshing vocals have always been the flavoring in BTS songs and end up making the climax or highlights of the group's songs. His solo songs under BTS have been named the most popular globally among all the members [read here].

Besides his inborn talent in dance and vocals, Jimin also has a unique approach to his activities, always showing the audience and fans different sides of himself and showcasing his versatility. He pushes the boundaries of creativity to try new things, either that which he has not tried on a personal level or that which no one has tried before entirely. This is why his iconic performances always stay in the minds of the audience for years to come, and rookie idols look up to him as a role model when it comes to performing. As his group has started on the solo activities era, Jimin is now freely showing more and more of this creativity, and it is sending fans wild imagining the kind of content that he will deliver when he finally releases his first solo album. It is for his level of uniqueness that fans are highly anticipating his first solo album, which saw him win a poll by Billboard for the most anticipated solo project among the BTS members [read here]. 

Now that he can go for any concept he desires for self-expression, his creative capabilities were seen during his Weverse magazine photoshoot, which left fans gasping for air [read here], and now the same effect has been seen for his individual photofolio project. On September 6, a preview of his upcoming photofolio was released where Jimin was seen in an all-black outfit consisting of black leather pants with black leather gloves and a black mask. He also had a 'Tailor of Chaos' tattoo on his neck. 

Other than the striking visuals of his supermodel body with perfect proportions, fans were blown away by his 'tailor of chaos' concept, which was very fresh and new. Some even tried to find previous references for the term by searching online but could find none, meaning that, yet again, Jimin's creativity had made him a trendsetter. The only results that would come up on google on searching the term were photos of Jimin, and this left fans in awe of his genius mind. Here are some of their tweets as they praised and admired his concept.

Many fans could not get over his intelligence in that he coined an entirely new term and concept for his photofolio; any searches of the previous usage of the term gave no results, which made him even more attractive in their eyes.

The locals were no exception to the Jimin effect. A number of them had to comment with on some posts made by fans as they reacted to the preview photos.

Consequently, all the excitement online caused Jimin to take over Worldwide Twitter trends peaking at #8, and he had three simultaneous trends in the US. Moreover, searches for 'Tailor of Chaos' on Google shot up and hit 100%, showing the explosive interest the photos had generated and made fans curious about the term.

Just as fans are even more anxiously looking forward to the release of the full photofolio, they are also anticipating Jimin's first solo album even more as they think of what kind of concept Jimin will go for, given how unpredictable he is.

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Jimin's concept is amazing! I know his photofolio will sell out fast 😍

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Wednesday, September 7, 2022

Insaaaneeeee... He's driving me crazy NONSTOP 😭😭😭😭

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