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Jimin's positive influence on Jeju mentioned in an article on the prominence of the Shin-Jeju district

BTS' Jimin has once again returned to Korean headlines for his tourism and economic influence on Jeju after his visit nearly a year after.

On the 13th of September, Korean media outlet News1 published an article in the Society section about the fame of the Shin-Jeju district in the popular tourist city of Jeju.

In the issue, the growth of the district was revisited, highlighting its traditional markets and retained culture and art, which mold with the current bustling shopping areas, medical centers, and tourist attractions like the Nuwemaru street, which boasts recreational facilities, stores, accessory shops, restaurants, taverns, and more hot spots for tourists and residents.

In that same street, the 'Street Art Festival' held every Friday is a major event, and it is this street that Jimin visited as he vacationed during Christmas last year. The Worldstar visited Nuwemaru street, took a photo, and later shared it to his Instagram account, causing it to go viral on SNS worldwide. The heightened interest led to the creation of the Nuwemaru mural, which became a photo zone. 

Countless visitors came from around the world to take photos at the zone created by illustrator Y0ngmini and artist Kang sage. At the time, Korean news media reported on how merchants who were plagued with a lack of business due to the COVID-19 pandemic were reaping economic benefits in the area, thanks to the tourist boost led by Jimin.

Jimin not only visited Nuwemaru street during his stay, but he also took photos at the Seolkumbadang beach and Snoopy garden, which Singer Lee Ji-Hye later visited with her family in July. This was documented on her YouTube channel. In the video, they made sure to take pictures at the exact spot where Jimin sat for his. 

The Jeju Tourism Organisation even created a contest for those who would take commemorative photos at the places where Jimin visited and later post them to the Visit Jeju website for a chance to win a 20,000 KRW voucher. Additionally, it was recorded that the brand reputation ranking of Jeju City rose to the 2nd spot in January this year from 11th in November and December last year because of the influence of his visit.

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idol of idols that only makes positive impacts 🔥

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Jimin influence is so great. We love you Jimin

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