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"Don't just help your flood-stricken neighbors, help your younger brothers in the hop-hop scene", Rapper Owen's recent Instagram post seems to take a jab at Simon D


Rapper Owen seemed to take a jab at rapper Simon D.

On September 9 KST, rapper Owen took to his personal Instagram story to express his frustration over his senior rappers neglecting their younger brothers in the Korean hip-hop scene. 

Owen wrote the following on his personal Instagram:

"Don't just help your flood-stricken neighbors, help your younger brothers in the hop-hop scene. You're donating here and there to pay less taxes, but why are you only caring about having the [good] celebrity image when you can also have the image of a good older brother by mentoring a god [rapper]? It's comfortable and easy for you hyungs (older brothers), but you all are aware that we only have 6 hours to sleep after work, but use three hours for sleep and the remaining three hours to work on recording [music] as well as use the rest of our little pay on [music].

You know how hard we work, but why don't you have any interests in the friends and new rising [rappers] that all contributed to your success? You don't have to say that the hip hop culture of the rappers killing each other is real and cool, nor should respect it. The successful NBA players, actors, celebrities, and musicians always return to their hometown and make sure to build schools, hospitals, and donate, but why do you guys only care about setting up the [good] image for yourselves?"

As Owen's post came shortly after rapper Simon D posted about donating to the victims of the recent flood in South Korea, many speculated that Owen was taking a jab at Simon D. Rapper Simon D previously made a post, proving that he had donated 100 million won (~$72,552 USD) to the Hope Bridge Korea Disaster Relief Association. This influenced many fans of Simon D to also make donations of their own, which Simon D garnered attention for reposteing many of his fans' Instagram stories that showed their participation in the good cause.

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22 days ago

Why do I get the feeling that his junior is bitter and petty because he doesn't get any help from him?

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HSK6,168 pts 22 days ago 4
22 days ago

Apart from his past negative remark about the BLM movement, his past marijuana controversy and him making sexually inappropriate comments about ITZY's Ryujin in the past: Is he, in any shape or form, noteworthy as a rapper? Or is he just jealous of successful artists like Simon D?

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