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'Nice to her Staff members?' Irene's reality series 'Irene's Work & Holiday' triggers a fierce debate after its first episode


Irene's reality series 'Irene's Work & Holiday' aired its first episode on August 4 and began showing the daily life of the Red Velvet member.

Starting from the first episode, the camera followed Irene through her daily schedule, starting with her hair shop visit. While getting her hair done, Irene chatted away with the staff members. Irene continued to talk with staff members while getting her makeup done, politely asking her makeup artists if they ate breakfast.

The first episode of the seezn-original reality series continued to show a cool and down-to-earth side to Irene.


This sparked a heated debate in an online community as netizens pointed out that it seems that SM Entertainment is trying to reverse Irene's image that was negatively affected during her attitude controversy in 2020.

Netizens commented, "I can see they're trying so hard to change Irene's image, lol," "They had to show Irene being all cool with staff members, it shows so much what they're trying to do," "It's so funny because the intention of the show is so obvious, lol," and "They're trying to clean up her image."

On the other hand, fans defended Irene as they criticized the netizens who were writing negative comments about the idol. These fans commented, "These people who say they hate Irene, why do you keep watching her stuff? lol I'm just curious," "People are just attacking her thinking this is now the chance," "These people are losers, they jump at any chance they get to criticize her," "Seems like people just took the captures of the show to use negatively," and, "I think these people have an inferiority complex, lol."

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10 days ago

I mean whether or not you think she is an actually good person, your own thoughts aside, the reality is that before all of it her staff had been known to post many Instagram videos of them playing and having fun with Irene, receiving food and gifts from her frequently. In fact many of them stood on her side throughout the scandal. Personally, it seems a bit too convenient of knetz to judge everything she has done after the scandal as fake and turn a blind eye to literally the same clips but from before. It seems to me that if they acknowledge that such interactions existed before the scandal their obsession over her being "fake" or trying to somehow "redeem herself now" will fall apart, because they will have to accept that these clips they think are proof that she is trying to seem nice after her image went down actually existed long before.

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FixitMark100 pts 10 days ago 2
10 days ago

I don't think she needed damage control in 2022. Things were silent, majority of the people had moved on. SM kinda opened a healed wound now and messed it up further.

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