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From cute babies to gorgeous women, fans can't believe how much Red Velvet grew up


Red Velvet is one of the leading girl groups in K-pop and has made a name for themselves with their unique concept and vibe.

After debuting in 2014, Red Velvet became widely known for their dark fairytale concept as the group perfected mixed the horror genre with the existing lovely image of being a  K-pop idol group. 

The girls are already in their 8th year since their debut and will be coming to the ninth year in 2023. Over the years, all the members shed their cute adorable images and grew up to be alluring women.

Netizens commented, "The babies grew up," "They're all princesses, so pretty," "They are all so pretty ever since their debut," "I still remember when they debuted," "They all look like goddesses," "Wow, they were really babies," "Joy really looked like a baby back then," "They grew up so much," "Wow, I can't believe it's going to be 9 years since Red Velvet debuted," "They were pretty back then and are still gorgeous now,"  "They don't age, they just look sexier, lol," and "I can see how much they grew up seeing the photos side to side."

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They have transitioned very very well! I was not a Redluv in the beginning, but most certainly am now! I often go back and listen to their earlier music, and love it even more now! As for Wendy, she was/is and will always be one of my favorites! Her vocals are powerful, precise, clear and absolutely amazing all the time! I am happy with how she looks and moves! Healthy!

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"Wow, they were really babies"

Irene, Wendy & Seulgi debuted at 24/ 20/ 20yrs. All RV members are cuties, but only Yeri was a certified baby! 😁

Scary that maknae Yeri is a full Kpop generation older than another 'Squirtle', Le Sserafim Eunchae.

1999 is a legendary year - Yeri, Arin, Tzuyu, Yeoreum, Mina (IOI), Yena, Hyewon, Yuqi, Doyeon, Yoojung, etc... and they are now big sunbaes to the monster rookies of 2021/22!!

(just realized there are two or more 1999s in IOI, IZONE & Kep1er!)

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