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Despite no interactions at #Jhope's party #Jin trends Worldwide on Twitter

On July 15, J-hope held a special party for celebrities, timed to the release of his new album 'Jack in The Box.' BTS members attended it as well. However, it took fans a while to be sure that Jin was at the party as well. His explanation on that matter made fans respect the artist even more.

Each of the members who attended the party, excluding Jin and Suga, took pictures with the other guests. However, the fans were more distracted with Jin not posting anything and not being seen in the Instagram stories from the party. Everyone started over-analyzing each clip or photo, trying to find Jin! Many people got under suspicion, but fans had to face the disappointment every time since none of them turned out to be the Worldwide Handsome star. 

Everyone desired to see Jin there so much that he trended at #5 in Worldwide Twitter trends! He was also trending in multiple countries, as everyone was talking about a person who did not even appear in any content from the party. And finally, Jin revealed the truth. 

He posted two beautiful photos of him attending the party organized by J-hope. Despite the fact that it was very late in South Korea, Jin answered multiple questions on Weverse, letting the fans know the details. 

Jin clarified that he went there to listen to "Jack in The Box," which he did while quietly vibing in the corner. The artist also mentioned that he did not really know anyone at the party, so he tried to stay unnoticed. That is why people could not see him in the photographs.

Jin also said that he did not really know anyone at the party, so he tried to stay unnoticed. That is why people could not see him in the photographs. Fans melted because of Jin's realness and pure soul. Known as a huge homebody and introvert, who does not like such kinds of events with lots of unknown people, he still went to the party to personally support J-hope. Jin was not there to socialize, drink, and get attention on social media or news covers but to listen to the album. Even in the photos he posted on Instagram. Jin made sure to demonstrate the 'Jack in The Box' logotype, signing the post with 'J-hope.' None of the celebrities got to take a picture with Worldwide Handsome Jin himself!

Such an irony that Jin tried to stay unnoticed but trended higher than anyone else at the party, except only the star of the night - J-hope!

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Thursday, July 14, 2022

Power of worldwide handsome

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Thursday, July 14, 2022

We see a glimpse of Jin's true personality. He went to the party with the only purpose to support, did not mingle with other celebrities because he did not know them and then leave quietly after, so as not to gain attention, yet the "world" is looking for him.

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