Posted by Sophie-Ha Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Bugs Music changes its policy following the exposure of how fromis_9 fans were able to use a loophole to get more points for the girl group


Just last week, fromis_9 fans garnered attention as one netizen exposed how the group was able to rank high rank so high on Gaon Chart and on music shows while not being able to be in the top 100 in popular music charts such as Melon Music.

According to that netizen, one of the ways fromis_9 fans increased the ranking of the girl group is to create multiple accounts on Bugs Music due to their policy in regards to underage users.

Fans found a loophole for Bugs Music, where fans are able to create multiple accounts if they're under the age of 14. This is because if the user is an underaged user when creating an account, they are able to get consent from an adult after the account is made and are not limited to creating multiple accounts. Therefore, fromis_9 fans even create posts on online community sites recruiting under-aged fans to create multiple accounts to download more of the girl group's music.

After the online community post garnered much attention on the web, Bugs Music decided to update its policy.

Bugs Music announced:

"Hello. This is the Bugs customer center.

Thank you for your interest in Bugs and for reporting.

Your inquiry has been forwarded to the department in charge, and we will take action to avoid any inconvenience after checking it closely.

Currently, there are cases of abuse of the system in which a legal guardian's consent is required in the process of user account creation for members under the age of 14.

We are reviewing ways to change the relevant membership registration policy.

We will apply the changed policy as soon as possible to provide better service.

Thank you."

This new update in the policy will prevent users from making multiple accounts using the loophole for underage user accounts.

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paperbag110 pts Wednesday, July 13, 2022 9
Wednesday, July 13, 2022

All fandoms does this, its kinda unfair to single out fromis_9..

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dchick81976 pts Wednesday, July 13, 2022 3
Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Wow. I personally just will never understand the sheer desperation for things like this. I'll admit, there was a show I loved when I was younger and would vote in award shows it was a part of i.e. best couple, best actor/actress, etc. But I had never ever thought of creating multiple accounts just for them to win, lol.

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