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The Best 'Running Man' Episodes- Part 2


'Running Man' is officially the longest continuous airing weekend variety show in Korea, still showcasing its vigor in providing entertainment and laughter despite multiple changes in its format and several member departures over the years. The variety show continuously aired episodes since its first release in 2010, resulting in an eventual domestic and international success as the show grew, building a solid fanbase in and outside Korea.

Initially, the show started with permanent members Ji Suk Jin, Yoo Jae Suk, Kim Jong Kook, Gary, Haha, Lee Kwang Soo, and Song Joong Ki. Song Ji Hyo, after guesting in multiple episodes, officially joined as a member during the show's sixth episode. After School member Lizzy joined the show after guesting, being an official member during the show's eighteenth episode but eventually left after episode 26 due to schedule conflicts. In April 2011, Song Joong Ki recorded his last episode, episode 41, to focus on his acting career but has guested and made cameos in later episodes. On October 25, 2016, Gary announced his departure from the show to focus on his music career after being with Running Man for six years, but later returned as a guest, a week after his final recording. On April 3, 2017, it was confirmed through various media outlets that Running Man is adding the maknae members, Jeon So Min and Yang Se Chan. On April 27, 2021, Lee Kwang Soo officially announced his departure from the show after 11 years due to his health concerns, particularly having the need to undergo rehabilitation treatment after facing a car accident.

Running Man did not have an easy path to begin with, a road that was filled with obstacles and challenges, but the show flourishes and shines even more with the cast's chemistry and the loyal viewership of fans who stayed over the decade.

Here are some episodes (without guests) that you will surely enjoy, may you be a first-time viewer or a long-time fan! The Second Part now focuses on the episodes that our maknaes, So Min and Se Chan, have finally joined in and until the most recent episodes after Kwang Soo's departure. You can check out Part 1 here.

1. So Min and Se Chan's First Day (Episode 346)

This is the first episode where So Min and Se Chan finally join Running Man as official members, immediately faced with a wet and wild mission! The episode also became the start of the global race with scary consequences once they lose. Watch the new members as they blend in with the cast and showcase brand-new chemistry and teamwork. 

2. The Se Chan Suprise (Episode 349)

Following the battle for exemption from the dangerous tour and the fight to get tour stickers, the Running Man members are tasked to buy things they assume Se Chan doesn't have in his home. They surprise Se Chan as they raid his place without his knowledge and shoot the whole episode there. What the members don't know is that while they do their missions, there are spies among them.

3. Find the Scene Stealer Couple- Running University MT (Episode 364)

The episode starts as they choose two more members to dress up as a woman and go on a couple race among themselves for a summer special. As they navigate through the episode, they are faced with the goal of identifying which among them is the secret couple, and the secret couple must survive together without the others knowing their identity. The episode presents a shocking twist among the members towards the end as the MT really meant Mystery Thriller.

4. The Tiger Moth Penalty Tour (Episode 370-371)

The episode shows the 1% People's Recommendation Special penalty for the Tiger Moths, So Min, and Kwang Soo, in Indonesia. The penalty was broadcasted and shown to the rest of the members, and they had to guess the outcome and next scenes by guessing who was lying between Kwang Soo and So Min to avoid receiving the penalty pin. 

5. Christmas Miracle- Christmas Nightmare (Episode 382)

The members celebrate Christmas with a feast and play games during the biting cold as losers are sprayed with water and sat in front of the chilling air. But what they don't know is they would have to enter a haunted house this Christmas season and fight each other to become the only human and stand on the platform at dawn.

6. Along With the New: Crime and Punishment (Episode 387)

Right after failing to buy everyone's food without going over the budget, the members are brought to a correctional facility for their various crimes in Running Man. They randomly pick their sentences that can almost reach 24 hours, but they can only get out if they win the missions, if their sentence passed, and if they submit tofu to reduce their sentences.

7. Truth or Dare (Episode 416)

Starting with the production team asking the members about the secrets of their other members, they are now faced with the dilemma as these secrets are used against them in a game of Truth or Dare. They are locked in a huge room where they should find the means and discover the clues for them to finally escape. The members' teamwork and chemistry shone as they eventually succeeded in the task!

8. Ranking Race (Episode 423)

The members have a race in which the ranks become extremely important, with each rank presented with varying benefits and the number of Crown Badges. After three different rounds, they will finally determine the final ranks, decided in the final mission, which is getting the most dots by rolling the dice to become the first-ranked member. The ranking game becomes more confusing as there are absolute members in the games they play.

9. How Well Do You Know Running Man Race (Episode 426)

Each member starts the episode separately as they start the first mission of answering unanimously which member knows the most about the Running Man members, to which they answer as Jae Suk. Now, Jae Suk bears the responsibility of identifying which among the members will suit the mission the best. The members should continuously win the missions in order to get a chance to come home right away, but once they fail, they must succeed in the final hard mission and escape in a set time to prevent penalty.

10. The Commander vs. The Ace (Episode 438)
After winning the New Year's RPG Project in leveling up, Ji Hyo and Jong Kook were asked whether they would like to share the win together or separately. As both decide to win the prize separately, the Commander and the Ace face off alongside their teams to compete for slots on the roulette wheel and get chosen for a trip to Los Angeles (LA). 

11. The Great War of Money (Episode 440)

The members form teams of four to win more money, followed by members who would set out as pairs, and the rest of the members play alone. They fight throughout different missions in order to win money and gain more as the episode passes. In the end, the Mission Team should hide and avoid the Chasing Team for the remaining amount of duration to protect the money earned every minute. The episode becomes much more meaningful as they discover the small details in the episode commemorating the 100th anniversary of the March 1st Movement in South Korea.

12. The Honeybee's Judgment (Episode 441)

Starting with a mysterious video from a honeybee, the race starts as Jong Kook mysteriously gets taken out via the instructions of the honeybee. The members continuously fight against the unknown honeybee and win their missions until they arrive at the final site and gain clues that point toward the honeybee. 

13. Case Number 444 (Episode 444)

The members start separately with stickers on each of them, the key, and answers to the opening of their shooting location. As they enter the room, they are faced with a mysterious death which they need to uncover its mystery, the road to discovering the culprit is presented through an escape room. They collect clues along the way and, at the same time, ensure that they will survive by following instructions.

14. King Sejeong the Great Race (Episode 451)

In an individual race, the members celebrate Korea's Teachers' Day and King Sejong the Great's Birthday. They fight among various missions to gain money and advantages that will help them to solve the final riddle. To win the prize, the members must become the last member standing on the platform.

15. Loyal Security Race (Episode 452)

This race becomes special and highly competitive as the race will determine their fate for their very first Running Man Fan Meeting in South Korea in celebration of their nine years. They race against the production team by completing three missions within 5 hours and avoid accumulating 3 Fail Stickers, in order to have a chance to decide on their own for the choreography of their group dance performance.

16. Missing Emergency Fund Race (Episode 464)

The members fight against each other as they take on a role of their own, divided into the father, the stranger, and the children. To win, the father should uncover and enter his true identity on the correct platform to win. The children's team is given an option of eliminating the Father and Stranger to split the prize money between the Child Team's members or being the sole Child to eliminate both Father and Stranger to gain the whole prize money for themself. The stranger, on the other hand, should eliminate the Father to gain the prize money accumulated for each Child eliminated. It becomes more special as the episode turns out to be a commemoration of the National Liberation Day of Korea.

17. Joker's House (Episode 473)

Disguised as a vacation, the members were trapped in a house where the members learn about a bio-terrorist among them and the peril of being infected with the virus once they fail the mission. The human members must complete all planned activities within 6 hours and complete all four mission routes, but once they fail, they will be infected. Once infected, the members should rip off any remaining Human nametag using your mouth to infect them. The bio-terrorist should hinder the Human Team's mission to win. Anticipate the funniest and hardest try-not-to-laugh challenge with the members!

18. Eliminating Intruders: The Secret of the Traditional Village (Episode 505)

Episode 505 marked So Min's comeback after her hiatus due to health problems. The episode starts off with the members catching up and learning about the festival in Gujeon Village that allows them to dugout gems. Eventually, they realize that the village is filled with mysteries and that there is a culprit roaming around that they should be able to eliminate.

19. 10-Year Anniversary Special: The Blame Running Man's Provocation (Episode 511)

The members select their roles as they celebrate their ten-year anniversary. They are divided into the Running Man and Thieves. Using the skills of the role they chose, the members must identify and arrest the two Thieves, while the Thieves must steal as many gold bars from CEO Big Nose's three safe boxes and move them to the thieves' safe box without being caught by the Running Man Team.

20. The 1st Tazza Association Chairman Election: The War of the Veterans (Episode 512)

Inspired by Tazza, the members become card sharks and play against each other. They should collect the largest amount of caramel by the end of the race to have a greater advantage in the following episode, with every caramel collected converted to ₩100. Anticipate the betrayals and the fun card games that are spiced up by the tiger moth members. 

21. Link Average Race: Live Without Ending (Episode 517)

The members start off by singing in karaoke and linking themselves to each other. The race's concept is based on averages- your score is based on your scores alongside the scores of who you were linked to. They play a series of games such as the legendary Put a Sticker on the Edge of a Cliff, Losing Rock-Paper-Scissors, and an action-packed game of Survival Balloon War. To win, they should not become one of the top 2 members with the most penalty balls at the end of the race

22. 8 People 8 Colours Race: A Lucky Hobby (Episode 520)

Due to restrictions, they learn hobbies that can be done indoors! The members collect as many lotto tickets from winning missions and winning numbers from becoming the best student in class to increase the probability of earning a prize. They learn how to Yodel, Hula Dance, Samba, and A Capella performances showing the various skills of each member. Anticipate the hard carry of the laughter bomber, Kwang Soo, during the Hula Dance, and the A Capella performance of "The Lion Sleeps Tonight."

23. Holiday Family Race: The Legacy War of Yoo's Family (Episode 523)

The Running Man members celebrate Chuseok in a chaotic family war of the Yoo family. In order to win the battle for inheritance rights, they fight to become the faster team to finish cooking three sets of jeon by 3 p.m. while having the most remaining eggs within the winning team. The losers need to face the penalty of making 100 pieces of songpyeon.

24. 2021 Tazza Association New Year's Party: The Return of the Veterans (Episode 536-537)

In the two-part episode, the members continue from the first Tazza episode and continue to become card sharks in this episode. They battle a much more complex card game together and face each other in order to win with the most caramel to receive prizes and without being in the Top 3 with the least caramel at the end of the race to avoid penalty.

25. Running Investment Conference: Masters of Investment (Episode 543-544)

Inspired by the rise of Donghak Ants in trading and investment, the production team simulated a mini stock market patterned from real-life situations. The members invest in their own ways, may it be by gut or by the clues and information they can buy to help them decide. They fight to become the Top 2 with the most R money to receive a prize and without being in the bottom place to avoid the penalty.

26. Room Inside The Village: Find The Gold Now (Episode 544-545)

The episode is the celebration of Suk Jin's birthday, with the members giving him gifts of love and appreciation. As the birthday host, he is given a chance to pick two members to be on his team while the rest of the members complete missions individually. Through clues around the village, they should be the first member to find the hidden gold in order to win and avoid a penalty.

27. Yoo Daesang VS Kim Daesang: The Dignity of Daesang (Episode 547)

Running Man is one of the few shows with two Grand Award (Daesang) Winners, Jae Suk and Jong Kook. The rest of the members are given the chance in every mission to choose which Daesang Winner to team with. The members fight to win first place with the highest score to receive a prize and without being in the bottom two with the lowest score at the end of the race to avoid a penalty. Watch Kwang Soo as he goes crazy in the mudflat again!

28. Off-hour Race: The Pay Attention (Episode 557)

As a Children's Day Special, the production team secretly teamed up with Haha's son, Dream, to create an episode wherein childlike innocence is needed to win. The members didn't know the grounds for receiving R coins which will be vital for their win and to be able to come home earlier than usual. 

29. Goodbye Our Inseparable Bro (Episode 559)

Kwang Soo's last episode as a member has surely brought tears to fans and avid viewers who have known him for 11 years as a member of Running Man. The episode starts with the concept of Kwang Soo having to repent of his variety show sins and reduce his sentence. The members were given the mission to help Kwang Soo to reduce his 1,050 year-prison sentence while acquiring the most photos with him to receive prizes and avoid the penalty. The heartwarming twist is eventually revealed towards the end of the episode.

30. Talk Hell: The Day of Slaughter (Episode 562)

Drawing inspiration from the comments of the netizens regarding how entertaining it is to watch the Running Man members talk all day, hence the title, Talk Hell. The members must offset all 100 dried pollock by KST 3:00 PM, otherwise, one penalty man will be added every hour from the base of two penalty men. They should keep on talking to continuously reduce the number of pollocks, resulting in a whole episode of their banters and tiki-taka.

31. Find The Best Price Doll: Strict Doll Appraiser (Episode 568)

The members fall into a mysterious doll appraising that made a thriller turn as they realize the ghost is among them. The human team must ensure to identify, find and destroy the Ghost's cursed doll. The hidden Ghost should remain hidden to win, and prevent the human team from discovering the cursed doll.

32. Catch The Mafia: The Messy Running Man (Episode 570)

The episode is filled with multiple games wherein the mafia pair differs per game, and the members should identify which among them are the mafias. The mafias are picked at random, and they should be able to fulfill their mission too in order to succeed. They should ensure being the Top 2 with the most money to receive a prize and without being the Bottom 2 at the end of the race to avoid penalty.

33. Webfoot Octopus Game (Episode 575)

Derived from the internationally acclaimed K-Drama, Squid Game, Running Man plays a rip-off of the concept of the drama in order to survive and win the prize money. They play missions on the verge and danger of elimination, alongside the risk of others eliminating them through the marbles.

34. Running Man VS Production Team: 2021 Running Man Penalty Negotiation (Episode 580)

Running Man members repeats the battle against the production team for a penalty negotiation. Watch the eldest among Running Man members teach the youngest for the quiz and display of amazing teamwork among them. Will the Running Man members finally beat the production team?

35. Leader Ji's: Imagination Becomes Reality (Episode 598)

During the last week of Suk Jin's leadership and participation in the production and planning of the episodes, assigned Ji Hyo and Se Chan to plan their free trip. The supposedly peaceful trip turns the wrong way as they open boxes that are supposed to be kept closed and result in a trip with a penalty.

Here are the must-watch Running Man episodes without guests, but there are also fun episodes with the guests, ranging from idols, actors and actresses, entertainers, and even non-celebrities! Which episode is your favorite among the listed, and what would you recommend to new viewers?

  1. Lizzy
  2. HaHa
  3. Jeon So Min
  4. Ji Suk Jin
  5. Lee Kwang Soo
  6. Gary
  7. Song Ji Hyo
  8. Song Joong Ki
  9. Kim Jong Kook
  10. Yang Se Chan
  11. Yoo Jae Suk
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