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A list of the Best 'Running Man' Episodes- Part 1


'Running Man' is officially the longest continuous airing weekend variety show in Korea, still showcasing its vigor in providing entertainment and laughter despite multiple changes in its format and several member departures over the years. The variety show continuously aired episodes since its first release in 2010, resulting in an eventual domestic and international success as the show grew, building a solid fanbase in and outside Korea. 

Initially, the show started with permanent members Ji Suk JinYoo Jae Suk, Kim Jong Kook, Gary, Haha, Lee Kwang Soo, and Song Joong Ki. Song Ji Hyo, after guesting in multiple episodes, officially joined as a member during the show's sixth episode. After School member, Lizzy joined the show after guesting, being an official member during the show's eighteenth episode but eventually left after episode 26 due to schedule conflicts. In April 2011, Song Joong Ki recorded his last episode, episode 41, to focus on his acting career but has guested and made cameos in later episodes. On October 25, 2016, Gary announced his departure from the show to focus on his music career after being with Running Man for six years, but later returned as a guest, a week after his final recording. On April 3, 2017, it was confirmed through various media outlets that Running Man is adding the maknae members, Jeon So Min and Yang Se Chan. On April 27, 2021, Lee Kwang Soo officially announced his departure from the show after 11 years, due to his health concerns, particularly having the need to undergo rehabilitation treatment after facing a car accident. 

Running Man did not have an easy path, to begin with, a road that was filled with obstacles and challenges, but the show flourishes and shines even more with the cast's chemistry and the loyal viewership of fans who stayed over the decade. 

Here are some episodes (without guests) that you will surely enjoy, may you be a first-time viewer or a long-time fan! Part 1 of the list focuses on the very first episode until the latest episode that Gary has joined in

1. Running Man vs Joong Ki- 7:1 (Episode 12)

One of the earliest episodes, this episode started with a mission to win against birthday celebrant Joong Ki! The episode especially showcased Kwang Soo's comedic wit and talent despite being a rookie entertainer, engraving the ever legendary scene, "Pygmalion effect." 

2. Romance in the Cruise Ship (Episode 18)

The male members of Running Man take on the challenge of making the hearts of their two female members, Ji Hyo and Lizzy, flutter! The episode showcases the character Haroro, referencing Haha's similarity to penguin Pororo, Dancing King Jae Suk, and the Titanic Scene of Song Song Siblings, Ji Hyo, and Joong Ki! 

3. COEX Aquarium (Episode 29)

Running Man members enjoy their time in the COEX Aquarium, firstly making profiles for each other but using the photos of animals they've found all over the aquarium with similarities to their members. At the end of the episode, the members were given a chance to showcase their chemistry and teamwork to succeed at a challenging group mission over the water.

4. Seoul Medical Center, the Battle of Physical Examination Teams (Episode 38)

The episode starts with the usual format of finding the guests- but this time with a huge twist where Jae Suk takes a huge part. They eventually proceed with the Hospital Skit that you should definitely watch and will surely take away your breaths from laughter, with two physical examination groups headed by Jae Suk and Jong Kook. 

5. The Tru-Gary Show (Episode 60)

The episode begins with the premise of the production team making Gary believe that he is the spy with the mission to eliminate all members. However, the members know of this and must allow him to complete his mission and pretend not to know in order to win. 

6. Christmas Special (Episode 74)

The Running Man members enjoy the Christmas of 2011 as they showcase individual powers all throughout the race and eliminate other members for a chance to win the coveted prize. Jae Suk can control the space, Jong Kook has the sixth sense, Suk Jin boasts the power of the phoenix, Haha is able to control time, Gary's ability to duplicate, Ji Hyo's enviable power of mind control, and Kwang Soo is armed with the death note.

7. Yoomes Bond (Episode 91)

All Running Man members were asked to stand by from various areas in Songdo, fetched by their production team, and each member was arrested for various crimes in their universe via Running Law. They were asked to serve their sentences and find a way to get out of their jail cells, but one member has a whole different goal of recapturing all members before they could escape.

8. Parent Zombie vs. Humans (Episode 98)

Set in the universe of Running High, all the members were fetched for their school trip with the primary mission of following the supposed school trip itinerary. But the members soon realize that they are equipped with different items, and that there is one parent zombie who would turn every human to a zombie by ripping their nametags, and the humans have to eliminate the other zombie subordinates and the parent zombie. 

9. Running Man Reincarnation Race (Episode 130)

All the members are back to the year 1938, now as couriers back in time, with their mission set to ensue in the Seoul City Hall, where everyone else has also slipped in the past year. The treasure chest is locked, needing seven keys to be opened. The members fight it out to realize the mystery behind their name tags, and they should find the last surviving member from 1938 and the treasure chest.

10. Find the Fangirl (Episode 165)

After having to complete all the signatures, the real mission for the members was given, which is to find the fangirl in the photobook. The members follow all the photos in the scrapbook made by the fan in order to finally find her and take a picture with her. It is a precious moment as the fan's room reveal whose member she is a fan of.

11. 2013 Year-End Special Running Man vs. Production Team (Episode 178)

With a battle to win the negotiation battle between the production team conditions and the requests of Running Man members, the members and production team fight to win Running Balls. The episode highlights each member's skills and teamwork as they play missions such as the giant Jenga and the extreme mission of crossing the freezing Han River that can immediately bring tears to one's eyes. You are surely in for a treat with Suk Jin's catchy song, Nice and Dry!

12. My Love from the Star (Episode 185)

Inspired by the hit K-Drama, My Love from the Star, now My Love from a Running Star, the members go back to the time of the 1600s as they try to win the mission of finding the jade hairpin. They go to the next era during the period of enlightenment, with Haha assuming the role of Do Min Joon, and board the UFO alongside Cheon Song Yi, who is Jae Suk, the rest of the members not knowing their roles, and one of them is the absolute villain. 

13. Turn Back Time (Episode 196)

The members are asked if they would choose to go back in time by taking a pill. They recreate three episodes they would want to come back to, but each time they take the pill, they would recreate the episode with a different lead. They recreate episodes such as the Yoomes Bond Episode, Lupin vs. Sherlock Holmes Episode, and the Superpowers Episode. Every time they lose during an episode, the members are asked to wear a bigger nametag until they reach the final winner.

14. Desirable Lee Kwang Soo (Episode 247)

The rest of the members make a surprise visit to Kwang Soo's new apartment without his knowledge, the members arriving while he brushes his teeth. The members act strangely as they have to finish various missions and fool Kwang Soo until the end of the shoot by making him win all the missions without his knowledge.  

15. Running Man Unanimous Race (Episode 267)

The Running Man members are given a chance to spend a day comfortably in a studio, but since the start of the episode, their telepathy and teamwork are tested through a series of decision-making that should have their results end unanimously. Wait for the tear-jerking and heartwarming end that will make you applaud their teamwork built from years of being together.

16. The Maze Runner (Episode 270)

This episode has focused on Kwang Soo's attempt to get his revenge for the hidden camera in Episode 247. He has designed his most ambitious project and race to date- a race inside a huge maze designed by himself. However, as the race should remain fair, the staff has scattered clues and given mechanisms for the members to win against Kwang Soo, while Kwang Soo should trap all the members in the final room for him to win.

17. Zombie Virus (Episode 277)

In another episode of zombies, but now on a larger scale and a greater risk, the members are deployed as special forces agents by the government. All of them are tasked to infiltrate the research facility, which has been infected with the zombie virus, while rescuing the main researcher and the remaining survivors. They should also find the girl who is immune to the zombie virus while preventing themselves to get infected.

18. Memory Hunting (Episode 324)

Probably one of the most painful and hardest to watch episodes, episode 324 is still a must-watch to everyone who has loved and loves Running Man. The members have to steal items from Gary's studio without him noticing to avoid a huge penalty, and they send him off as they leave gifts of gratitude and parting, alongside heartfelt messages and letters. 

19. Song Ji Hyo's Week (Episode 333)

All the members have a very productive and fun week, but Ji Hyo's week surely has struck a chord as the members travel to Pyeongchang and spend time together. The episode also has its legendary scene, Thank You, I Love You, and I'm Sorry, exchanging wonderful words toward each other. They end the episode with a refreshing and chilling soaking in the ice-water pond.

20. Gary's Week (Episode 336)

Just when the members thought that the member week in Running Man has finished, Gary's week ensued without their knowledge! The various members continue to complete the missions without the early knowledge of Gary joining the race, fighting against each other while wearing their own costumes. In order to win, the members should prevent this week's host from winning to avoid punishment and defeat the other members. 

  1. Lizzy
  2. HaHa
  3. Jeon So Min
  4. Ji Suk Jin
  5. Lee Kwang Soo
  6. Gary
  7. Song Ji Hyo
  8. Song Joong Ki
  9. Kim Jong Kook
  10. Yang Se Chan
  11. Yoo Jae Suk
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I recently rewatched some of the 2010-2011 episodes and still found them hilarious

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I'm l so in love with the show and it's members, counting the formers also. The first 200 episodes are GOLD.

Wish them more and more success for them to continue 🌸💕

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