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"I was his victim" The wife of rapper Don Mills reveals why she accused rapper Bassagong of illegally filming and distributing sexual images


The wife of rapper Don Mills revealed she accused rapper Bassagong of illegally filming and distributing sexual images because she was his victim. 

Previously, the accusations against rapper 'A' began when the wife of rapper Don Mills spoke up via her Instagram. Mills's wife claimed that a famous rapper 'A' had illegally filmed a close acquaintance, then shared the content with others, traumatizing the victim.

Soon after the controversy arose, many netizens speculated that the rapper 'A' mentioned in the accusations was Bassagong, who recently appeared on the YouTube variety series 'Mouths on Wheels'. Then rapper Bassagong issued a curt apology on his Instagram, confirming that the rapper 'A' was him.  

On the early morning of May 16th, the wife of rapper Don Mills took to her Instagram to share a long, candid post. She wrote: 

"Hello. I was scared so I couldn't speak the truth at first. I apologize for causing confusion to many people because of my lack of courage. But now I have worked up my courage to share the truth. The close acquaintance in my initial accusation is in fact me... I met the perpetrator in 2018. We watched movies together, talked and texted every day, so I thought we were in a so-called talking stage.

Then we went to the beach together on the release day of his album and that was the day he shared my pictures in a group chat. I'm actually mortified to explain this in detail...but I'm sharing because many were wondering how I recognized the said pictures were mine. In the pictures, I was asleep on the bed revealing my arm and back tattoos. So anyone who knew me would have easily identified the woman as me. He took those pictures unbeknownst to me and also shared them without my consent. I was shocked to discover the pictures and comments he said when he shared them...

Now, I'll tell you how I came to find these pictures. At the end of 2018, my friend introduced my husband and he enlisted in the military after leaving his phone with me. That's when I found out the culprit was in a group chat with my husband which had more than 10 people in it. I was surprised to see the culprit's name and happened to read the chat. Then I found out he shared my pictures. As I was in a great shock, I searched the history of the group chat. But the group chat itself was just a normal friendly group chat. People didn't respond when he shared my pictures. 

After much consideration, I opened up to my husband. He wasn't aware of the pictures before I confided to him because there were many people sending multiple messages per day. But after I told him, we had to suffer. 

I couldn't report the perpetrator right away because I was afraid to come forward as a victim and let people around me and my husband know that I was a victim. I was also afraid of the potential consequences the people in the group chat might face as tacit accomplices including my husband, who either didn't respond or wasn't aware of the pictures. I decided not to report and my husband quietly left the said group chat. 

I was in great pain and embarrassment and I tried to do something I shouldn't have done twice during that time because I was in such pain. Then my husband took me and registered the marriage to show that it didn't matter between us." 

At the end of her post, she revealed the reason why she came forward. "I couldn't hold it in anymore after hearing him openly saying on air that it's easy to meet a woman through DM's." She also wrapped up her post by saying she doesn't want to hurt her husband or her husband's acquaintances. 

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booitsjwu4,424 pts Sunday, May 15, 2022 1
Sunday, May 15, 2022

It's really brave of her to bring this up. This guy and everyone who takes these types of pictures/videos are a disgusting scourge.

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MyongSukGim260 pts Sunday, May 15, 2022 0
Sunday, May 15, 2022

Good for her. Very courageous.

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