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'Ambassador for School Violence Prevention' Sung Si Kyung opens up about losing his best friend to school bullying on 'Radio Star'


On May 4, singer Sung Si Kyung appeared as a guest on MBC's 'Radio Star' alongside Psy, (G)I-DLE's Soyeon, and Lee Seung Yoon

Some time earlier this year, an episode of tvN's 'You Quiz on the Block' with guest Kim Jong Ki, founder of South Korea's Blue Tree Foundation, made headlines. The Blue Tree Foundation is known as South Korea's first ever non-governmental organization raising awareness toward school bullying prevention. During his interview on 'You Quiz on the Block', Kim Jong Ki revealed that his son chose to take his own life at the young age of 16 after becoming the victim of severe school bullying. Afterward, Kim Jong Ki left his job and founded the Blue Tree Foundation, devoting his life to school bullying prevention. 

Kim Jong Ki also mentioned on 'You Quiz' that singer Sung Si Kyung, who was his son's best friend in school, kindly agreed to be the ambassador for the Blue Tree Foundation, expressing his gratitude toward the singer. 

On 'Radio Star' on this day, Kim Jong Ki's recent appearance on 'You Quiz' was brought up. Sung Si Kyung said, "I saw that chairman Kim appeared on a broadcast some time ago. I've never mentioned this [story] myself on a broadcast before. But Kim Dae Hyun (Kim Jong Ki's late son) was my best friend in school." 

Sung Si Kyung then reflected, "After going through living hell, Dae Hyun's father left his job at a large corporation to begin a foundation that focused on school bullying prevention. Even though it is something that has always been rampant in our society, at the time, 'school bullying' was actually not a phrase that was often used or brought up. And then, because of Dae Hyun's father, the gravity of the issue was finally recognized. It was a problem that someone had to address, and Dae Hyun's father devoted himself to do just that." 

Sung Si Kyung also revealed, "Some other close friends and I used to visit chairman Kim on Dae Hyun's birthday. But at some point, it became too painful for me. Because even though much time had passed, when he saw that his son's friends were growing up, he was being reminded again that his son was not there in our midst. I haven't paid the chairman a visit in a while, but some of the other friends also contacted me again after seeing the recent broadcast. So I believe we will all get together and visit soon."

Finally, Sung Si Kyung stated, "This is an issue that we cannot ignore. The young students cannot handle it alone, the adults have to be there to help. Chairman Kim is at the forefront of the effort, and I'm always both grateful and apologetic toward him."

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19 days ago

I was bullied all my school life , it have permanent change on me , I have self steem issues , trust issues , anti social , anexity , self hate , I hate my life and myself , and I didnt think it cased by this but I am still single cuz I feel like I am just in capable of loving someone cuz I cant trust anyone which made me depressed and sucidal .

bullying is crime even if child did it , it is crime that can do permanent , turn good child into sick adult , and I dont even want to say what happen to me when I saw my past bullies grow up into adults who claim they were nice kids , it destructing my mental health .

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19 days ago

it is awesome when a celebrity of Sung Si Kyung's status speaks up about school bullying cos it really caused extreme emotional and mental trauma to the one being bullied and the victim's friends.

i myself was bullied in kindergarten as i joined a few months after everyone started in january. i cried myself to sleep every night, fearful of going to school the next day and meeting the bullies again. fortunately, a girl from another class befriended me during recess and the bullying stopped shortly after. cos she's the born leader type, and her message was loud and clear to the bullies, anyone who bullied me would be answerable to her. through initial counselling, i started to understand what happened to me. that good boys protect, respect and care for girls. not make fun, bully or sexually harass* them. *i only knew i was sexually harassed when i was a teenager. and that brought the nightmares back. through a second round of counselling, I completely forgave my tormentors and the healing started from there. today, thank God, i can share with you, i am completely healed and has been empowered by Him to share with children and teenagers - through my voluntary work at schools around my city - that we must be like my kindy bestie: kind, caring and understanding.

retrospectively, my experience also taught me that bullies can be as young as 6. positively, it's true, what doesn't break you, makes you stronger. eventually, i learned how to protect myself, thanks to my kindy bestie. and slowly and surely, i healed. and totally forgave. but not forgotten. so that hopefully, through my testimony, the victims who are going through similar experiences find strength to fight the demons telling them that they deserved to be made fun of, bullied or sexually harassed, or seek counselling like i did. LOOK FOR SUPPORT. HELP OTHER VICTIMS.

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