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You Yuh Jung says she threw out the script after being told she had to audition for 'Pachinko'


 Actress Youn Yuh Jung, who has been acting for 52 years, revealed that she was told by Apple TV+ to come in for an audition.

She recently attended an online press conference for Apple TV+ original series 'Pachinko,' which will be released on the 25th of this month. During the online press conference, Youn Yuh Jung revealed she was initially told by Apple TV+ that she has to come audition for a role in the drama.

Youn Yuh Jung continued to say, "It didn't make sense for me to audition after acting for decades.

She explained that he had heard of the American culture where actors auditioned for roles, but she, as a Korean, wasn't used to it.

She continued to elaborate, "If I auditioned and then the show said, 'we don't think you're suitable for this role,' then in our industry people will say, 'Youn Yuh Jung failed the audition.' I couldn't lose my 50-year career for this one role, so I threw out the eight scripts I received by the front door."

The actress added, "I was told that's not the case and they asked me to participate in the drama so I filmed it."

In fact, it was revealed that Lee Min Ho actually auditioned and joined 'Pachinko.' On this day, Lee Min Ho said, "I know there were 6 auditions in total, but I think I did 4 of them."

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Limerence1,911 pts Monday, March 21, 2022 5
Monday, March 21, 2022

American A-listers do NOT audition for roles. The idea of Meryl Streep or Leo having to go in and read to prove themselves worthy is inconceivable and frankly disparaging. They have scripts sent to them directly and they pick and choose, then they start making demands. That's what star power gets you. LOL to anyone who thinks Hollywood is some meritocratic utopia where there is no preferential treatment and everyone, including seasoned veterans, start at baseline every time. It's the exact opposite and rightly so.

Asking You Yuh Jung to audition coming off a fucking Oscar win is highly disrespectful and American producers would never ask that of one of their own because it's terrible industry etiquette and everyone knows it.

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motorp77439 pts Monday, March 21, 2022 0
Monday, March 21, 2022

The audacity to audition her after a 50+ years acting career

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