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[Concert Review] ONEUS successfully wraps up 2022 North American tour with ‘LIT’ sensation among fans


The RBW Entertainment boy group ONEUS successfully wrapped up their 2022 North American tour, ‘Blood Moon.’

On March 12 in Los Angeles, ONEUS delivered their final performance in the US at the historic theater in Beverly Hills, The Saban. The members heated up the night by starting off their setlist with “Come Back Home,” a track first released through ‘Road To Kingdom’ in 2020. The dark and energetic song made the audience stand up and nearly lose their voices in just about less than five minutes into the show.

The kick-off stage was followed by their debut track “Valkyrie,” but a ‘rock’ version of the song, which transformed the bass into full brassy sounds that rocked the entire venue. A short talk session after the song allowed the boys to catch some air and greet the fans in English. The energy, however, did not go down as the boys shortly afterward delivered the stages for “Black Mirror” and “Shut Up – Crazy Hot,” which both required fast-paced choreography. As the members performed, fans busily captured the moments on stage as they flaunted their suits and black formal outfits. 

After this stage, the members asked the audience to remain calm, as their proximity to the stage was too close enough for their faces to be “kicked” by their dance moves! Putting safety first throughout the show, the ONEUS members took good care to make sure that the fans were enjoying the concert with caution.

As the first VCR rolled out, the audience took their seats and enjoyed the scenes of the boys having their own talent show. From magic shows and taekwondo to opera singing and ventriloquism, the talents of each member showed off their quirky sides apart from their verified talents as idol singers. Once the VCR was over, the boys performed a medley of three songs: “Plastic Flower,” “English Girl,” and “Airplane.”

Then, after two more performances of “ASWE” and “Youth,” all delivered while dressed in silky white outfits, the boys convened together on the stage to present their next performance, a ‘sexy’ dance cover! Before the actual stage, member Seoho jested that the next performances had a “cutie” concept, which the crowd also went wild for.

The sexy dance cover was absolutely adored by the fans who saw a different side of ONEUS. To continue this atmosphere, Hwanwoong, Leedo, and Keonhee remained on stage to create a human wave with the crowd and their light sticks, and when RAVN, Seoho, and Xion returned to the stage, the three of them asked each section of the venue to scream as loudest as they can.

The talk session was followed by a rearranged version of “To Be Or Not To Be” and “No Diggity." Out of all the songs that ONEUS performed this night, it was obvious enough that the crowd was absolutely immersed during “No Diggity.” Everyone in the audience undoubtedly bobbed their heads and jammed to the song from start to finish.

The final VCR was a bit different due to its level of seriousness. The members talked sincerely about the process that went into every stage of this tour, as the scenes revealed their meetings and individual interviews. After this moment of appreciation, the fans were treated to a remixed version of “LIT,” which the members performed while wearing beautiful traditional white and grey hanbok

The flow of their moves and the gorgeous paper fans filled the stage. There was something angelic and wild about the visuals; the modern and red LED screens contrasted their more traditionally blended outfits and choreography. This mix of modern and traditional styles, as well as the light and heavy sounds in their songs, all seemed to bring out their unique identity.

Naturally, fans could not let the members go home after “LIT.” After a short VCR, the boys sang “Life Is Beautiful,” donned in casual clothes. They then delivered “I.P.U,” during which Leedo’s live vocals especially stood out. Seoho, who also hit the high note during this song, received an exceptional amount of cheers from the crowd.

Overall, the concert was a mix of fun sincerity, with the boys relaying how difficult it was to put this tour together since the COVID-19 pandemic. In the end, they thanked all the staff who work for them behind the scenes and reassured the fans that their music should gift everyone positive energy.

RAVN especially took the spotlight when he spoke in English that ONEUS hopes for their music to have a “good-natured influence” on everyone who listens to their songs. The group asked the crowd to look forward to their future endeavors and promised to perform at a much bigger venue next time.

What was touching about the end of this concert was that the boys did not forget to mention that they “hope for the world to be full of peace” because there are places “where our prayers are needed.” These statements resonated across the venue, and the members once again switched up the atmosphere by performing “BBUSYEO” and “NOW.” During “NOW,” the crowd gave the loudest cheer they ever gave throughout the day’s concert. 

After performing in 14 different cities, ONEUS truly gave it their all and went out with a bang in Beverly Hills for the final show. Just as they promised to return, the fans were already teary-eyed for the members' musical and linguistic efforts during these difficult times. And, just as they hope, perhaps the world would be a much more peaceful and safer place next time, making their live concerts and international tours just as more dynamic and meaningful.

Did you also get to attend a ONEUS concert this year? Tell us about your experience!

(Photos by Stan Leigh)

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Marisol-Lett1 pt Wednesday, March 16, 2022 0
Wednesday, March 16, 2022

After my daughter insisted to take her to a kpop concert I'm glad I did I could now understand why she likes that type of music. ONEUS is a fantastic group of young men, that are soaring to the stars, and that's what I always tell my daughter never stop until you reach the stars. They are very talent boys and I won't be surprised if they surpass BTS.

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JenniferLit1 pt Wednesday, March 16, 2022 0
Wednesday, March 16, 2022

I was so excited to see you in Louisville after so much waiting I'm glad to see ONEUS come to the U.S even if it took a 3 hour drive it was worth it. I'm looking forward to future tours in the U.S, and future albums aswell. Please keep spreading love to the world.!

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