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Netizens applaud ATEEZ's San for his polite messages asking fans to stop following them to their dorm or hotel


Netizens noted that ATEEZ member San politely handled his recent set of messages sent via the Universe app, asking fans to stop following the group members to their dorm or hotel after schedules. 

San wrote:

"We have had frequent shows and schedules lately, and when we are returning to our dorm or hotel from those schedules, there are people either waiting outside, or people who follow us to our destination, and this can cause some discomfort!
So what I want to tell you today is!
I know very well how much you love us.
And I also love you very much.
But please avoid causing discomfort to others, thank you.
I am addressing it today, because there may be some of you who were just truly unaware."

"But please do not take this negatively!
I will understand if you did so without knowing that it would burden others.
But from now on, I would appreciate it if you could refrain. I can sense your affection toward me regardless!
It's just that this can cause discomfort for not just the ATEEZ members, but others around us."

"I love and cherish our ATINY more than anything, and I don't want misunderstandings between us.
I hate to think that other people will look at our ATINY in a negative light.
You are the most precious people in my life, and no one can talk poorly about you.
So please, consider what I am asking of you.
I do not want to end my messages with 'I don't like it!'.
I ask you kindly."

Netizens reacted after reading San's messages,

"I wonder what happened to cause him to write such a serious message like that. It was written very nicely tho."
"Honestly he could have put it more sternly. There are definitely sasaengs on that app who need a good wakeup call."
"This is that one group who had that tracking bug incident, isn't it? They must really deal with some bad stuff."
"Exactly. Following them where you're not wanted is stalking, it is a crime."
"Sasaengs are not fans, they are criminals."
"You can tell that he carefully thought about what to say."
"I hope more K-Pop idols call out sasaengs so they can realize that what they're doing is wrong!"
"He said it so nicely kekekekeke. Wasn't there one NCT member who flicked sasaengs off when they were outside his dorm?"
"A few wrong words and it could have just sounded like he was coming to fans to complain, but he put it very politely and professionally."

Meanwhile, ATEEZ most recently released their Universe Music collaboration single "Don't Stop" on January 31. 

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hopehopehope906 pts Thursday, February 3, 2022 0
Thursday, February 3, 2022

The way he speaks to fans is always so kind and gentle. He can't talk to ATINY without telling them how precious they are to him.

I still can't get his letter to ATINY after his grandfather (who he was extremely close with and practically raised him) died during Kingdom.


He spent so much of it apologizing to ATINYs for not being able to participate in something as trivial as a fansign while he was going through one of the most traumatic experiences of his life.

From their concert earlier this month in Seoul he said it was one of the first times he let himself cry after holding it in because he felt like he would collapse if he let himself cry and grieve but now he said he felt like he was stronger because of the members and ATINY :(

San's part at 2:38:

He is a truly gentle soul and loves to love and appreciate others, especially his members and ATINY.

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xx-jenn-xx Allkill VIP 13,222 pts Wednesday, February 2, 2022 1
Wednesday, February 2, 2022

San is always polite, and I hope more idols get the strength to let people know they are uncomfortable. he sent this message for a reason, but ateez is not the type of group to be rude to people. He could have been stern, he could have told people off, but they at least value their fans and wanted to address it without causing problems. Very noble of him, but also these people need to stop. They aren't your friends, they deserve their privacy and rest.

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