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Netizens speculate how Day6's Jae's tattoo foretold his departure from Day6


Following Day6 member Jae's announcement of his hiatus from Day6 activities, and JYP Entertainment's statement on his departure from the agency as well as the group, netizens uncovered a high quality photo of Jae's tattoo on his forearm, realizing that he has already planned this departure well before.

On a popular online community, an anonymous member posted the image of Jae's tattoo along with the caption: 

"1597 signifies (Day6's) debut day (September 7, 2015)."

Tattooed on his forearm in red is a series of numbers 1597–211231. As fans and netizen speculate that 1597 stand for Day6's debut date, 211231 (December 31, 2021) naturally signifies his date of departure from the group.

As this was a tattoo Jae got earlier this year in September, netizens are commenting how saddening this will be for fans given how he has planned his departure: "Seems like it's been a few month since he decided to leave the group. I feel bad for his fans," "Damn, his fans must have a hard time," "He's not even an elementary school kid..." "I was really disappointed when I saw this tattoo.

There were also fans who understood why he would make this decision, "Didn't he write this because he wants to remember it..? Of course it's a natural feeling to be upset at the thought of leaving. But leaving is also part of love's process."

What do you think of this?

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madison7795787 pts 18 days ago 2
18 days ago

There’s nothing wrong with leaving a group for the right reasons. As a my day since debut I actually see nothing but love in his tattoo. The end of something special is just as important as the beginning, and nothing good lasts forever. Also, just because he left Day6 does not mean the end of the boys or of his music career. He has already told us that this was something he talked to them with, and of course this was planned months in advance why are netizens acting like this is a surprise. This was a big decision so why would he and the members and company not sit on it for a few months. I’m excited for what his future holds now that he is out of a company that didn’t care for him not one bit. One day in the future we may get more content from them all together as stated, but for now he is on his own path.


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TheAggyWay118 pts 18 days ago 0
18 days ago

For those of you bashing his choices they are his choices to make. He spent 7+ years dedicated to his group and his fans. His contract was ended mutually. He owes nothing else to anyone. He made a personal choice with his personal life. Stop acting like he owes fans anything but the memories he already has given. Let Jae live his life the way he wants.



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