Posted by Sophie-Ha Thursday, January 20, 2022

Media outlet reveals how much Free Zia gets paid per sponsored post on social media


Beauty YouTuber Free Zia (Song Ji Ah), who caused a controversy due to the issue of wearing fake luxury brands, is known to have set high sponsored content costs that are much higher than what even top celebrities ask for.

Free Zia rose to stardom through the Netflix entertainment program 'Singles Inferno' and has become the most sought-after influencer from top brands thanks to the image that she and her agency created online. From luxury brand hauls to reviews, luxury apartments to expensive clothing and accessories, Free Zia had become the 'aspirational' woman in the world of social media.

Thanks to this, Song Ji Ah's YouTube channel subscriber number exceeded 1.9 million, and her Instagram followers grew rapidly to 3.4 million, with fans from all across the globe.

According to Song Ji Ah's agency, Hyowon CNC, one sponsored Instagram post from the influencer would cost 30 million KRW (~25,157.25 USD) before her 'fake items' controversy. Additionally, Free Zia would receive 80 million KRW (~67,086.23 USD) for a sponsored video on her YouTube channel. 

It has been said that Free Zia's schedule has been packed until May, as many companies had gotten in line to do an advertisement with the influencer before the controversy broke out. Also, according to one company, Free Zia was paid 90 million KRW (~75,472.01 USD) by a brand to do a YouTube and Instagram post. Another company even stated they had given up trying to do an advertisement with Free Zia as the cost to do one post was exceeding the cost to do with a celebrity.

In particular, Song Jia is famous for refusing exclusive contracts with cosmetics and fashion brands to upload various brands to her Instagram. Now, with the controversy, many are gathering their attention to the future outcome of the influencer who rose to popularity overnight.

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Thursday, January 20, 2022

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Thursday, January 20, 2022

While she might not be in the right in this case, this is looking more and more like a witch hunt to me. The media is dishing out reports that scream "hate her"

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