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Girls' Generation's Yuri raises questions with her decision to eliminate a contestant on 'My Teenage Girl'


Girls' Generation's Yuri is garnering criticism with her decision to eliminate contestant Lee Seung Eun on MBC's 'My Teenage Girl'.

Following the program's December 12 broadcast where Girls' Generation member Yuri chose Lee Seung Eun as the contestant to be eliminated, many netizens discussed whether Yuri's standards of judgment was fair.

Throughout the survival program, Lee Seung Eun had been receiving higher scores for vocals and dance than her fellow contestant, Lee Ji Won. Lee Seung Eun also received praise from other judges that said, "You are good in vocals. From what I see, Seung Eun completely overturned things as one person." On the other hand, Lee Ji Won, who was selected by Yuri to move forward on the survival program, consistently received feedback that her dance and vocals were weak. When explaining her decision to choose Lee Ji Won over Lee Seung Eun to move forward in the program, Yuri stated, "There is something called a facial feature that can gather fans. Right now, we need a member who can gather the fans." 

In response to this decision, many expressed disbelief at Yuri's decision. Some of the netizens' comments included, "I want to ask Yuri who was the one member who gathered all the fans in Girls' Generation", "She seems to have the wrong standards", "Idols are generally [supposed to be] singers", "I'm curious to know what is more important than vocal skills in a program selecting singers", and more.

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Fjxgjcujfc100 pts Friday, December 17, 2021 9
Friday, December 17, 2021

Right from the beginning kpop was never about talent, there are tons of idols out there who really don't have the talent for singing and dancing and yet somehow became successful. And historically the most popular members of groups are usually those who were perceived to be the best looking. Yoona in SNSD, Miss a Suzy, Exid Hani, IVE Wonyoung, Berry Good Johyun, woo!ah! Nana, MAJORS Bian, F(x) Krystal, Red Velvet Irene, aespa Karina, S.E.S Eugene, Fin K.L. Hyori and many more. In the end kpop is business and the main criteria for debuting is who will sell better not who is more talented.


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kpop-ark1,044 pts Friday, December 17, 2021 2
Friday, December 17, 2021

Koreans always pick visuals over talent.

i remember in one of the round, where two teams compited. One team consisted of all the visuals and other consisted of all the talents.

to win you have to have atleast 75% voting, otherwise eliminated.

when talented team performed they only got 45% votes or so (don't remember the exact number, but it was low)

but when visual team went on the stage, people started to vote for them even before they could see their talent.


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