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Netizens say casting top actors and actresses for K-dramas nowadays does not guarantee success


Is casting big names no longer a ticket to success?

On an online community forum, a netizen compiled a list of currently airing dramas and argued that "nowadays, top actors/actresses cannot necessarily guarantee success in K-dramas," especially judging by the poor ratings. The broadcasting channels of these dramas were also varied, from JTBC to SBS

The dramas listed were:

'Reflection of You' (JTBC) starring Go Hyun Jung; top viewer rating: 3.6%

'Inspector Yoo' (JTBC) starring Lee Young Ae; top viewer rating: 2.7%

'Jirisan' (tvN) starring Jun Ji Hyun and Joo Ji Hoon with top writers Kim Eun Hee and Kim Eung Bok; top viewer rating: 10.7%

'Now, We Are Breaking Up' (SBS) starring Song Hye Kyo and Jang Ki Yong; top viewer rating: 8.0%

'Melancholia' (tvN) starring Im Soo Jung and Lee Do Hyun; top viewer rating: 3.6%

Along with this list, the uploader commented that this once again proves how the strength of the drama "depends more on the writing and the storyline" rather than the name value of the actors.

Netizens also remarked:

"Right. Also, we need to understand that these actors are all veterans...nearly. They need to develop their careers in order for their name value and spectrums to become useful for these dramas....Just because they are big names, that doesn't guarantee the quality of the drama unless they can be versatile."

"I agree that these dramas are not that interesting except for Jirisan and Inspector Yoo."

"The public broadcasting channel dramas are the worst nowadays and the cables one are a little bit better"

"I don't think viewer ratings and the percentages don't really matter much these days because young people prefer to watch on their own time and hence take to Netflix or other platforms"

"At least the dramas starring Jun Ji Hyun and Song Hye Kyo reached over 8%..."

"Let's lower the pay rate of these actors"

Do you watch any of these dramas?

  1. Go Hyun Jung
  2. Im Soo Jung
  3. Jang Ki Yong
  4. Joo Ji Hoon
  5. Jun Ji Hyun
  6. misc.
  7. Song Hye Kyo
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hiroonakamura4,765 pts 15 days ago 7
15 days ago

i dont watch nor care much for these type of korean dramas. But it is great news that you cant have a hit just because of the cast members. YOu should only get hits if your drama is actually good

I wish the same could be said about kpop, but sadly nowadays in kpop big labels dont really care about hits coz they know the fans will still buy loads and loads of albums because they stan the group or label.


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cheebiesan41 pts 15 days ago 8
15 days ago

Agree — solid cast doesn’t mean the drama will be solid. Prime example was The King: Eternal Monarch last year…I was so disappointed because my expectations were not met…was truly excited about the cast lineup but the drama was SO DRAGGY. I know it was still popular, but I can’t be the only one who thought it was a disappointment right?


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