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A music video producer speaks up and shares how kind Kim Seon Ho really is


A music video producer posted on Instagram about Kim Seon Ho's real personality. The producer explained he wanted to share about his encounter with the actor. He wrote, "I am writing this because I felt he was a nice person and I felt thankful toward him before."

The producer continued to write, "This was when I was working on Park Hye Kyung sunbae's comeback song. I suggested Kim Seon Ho as the male lead of her music video and had a meeting with one of Kim Seon Ho's agency team leaders. This was when he was a fixed member of the '2 Days and 1 Night' and he was being propelled to stardom through his drama and advertisements."

He continued to write, "As he became more recognized, his pay was great. His agency asked for a payment to match that. I knew it was an unreasonable request but I asked the team leader for a compromise in the fees. In less than a day, the team leader contacted us back and explained 'Kim Seon Ho said that it would be an honor to be featured in Park Hye Kyung sunbaenim's comeback' and decided to appear without any pay."

The producer expressed how thankful he felt when Kim Seon Ho agreed to appear in the music video without any pay. He explained, "We felt so thankful that he agreed to appear in the music video without any pay so our company tried to pay him more. However, after we confirmed his appearance and were filming, something that happens often in this industry occurred and the title track changed so the whole content changed and his appearance was edited out. Personally, I felt sad. "

He added, "I saw the articles about the recent issues and felt that he was a really nice person so I wanted to share about what I experienced before. Even though I have no personal acquaintance with him, I feel happy that the media and public opinion of him are turning around. I hope he is able to be active again and I am cheering for him."

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hreyA_onEViP3,606 pts Friday, November 5, 2021 1
Friday, November 5, 2021

Being edited out or blurred out on the airing shows, this guy went through a lot which he didn’t deserve just all because of a liar. Better people at least start respecting him and support for his a decade over hardwork.

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tenspot6,697 pts Friday, November 5, 2021 0
Friday, November 5, 2021

KSH is the perfect example of the debate that was going on earlier this year of "if an idol didn't do something wrong, they should apologize anyway". We saw this with a lot of the bullying scandals. KSH was not wrong in this situation, he apologized anyway, and a lot of Koreans still look at him with shame. Idols/celebs should never apologize for things they haven't done, and he was put into that situation of "is it better to apologize even if you did nothing wrong?" It's really hard to believe that he still has trouble in some Koreans viewpoints of him and that society owes him and several idols a debt for the personal shame they have all gone through.

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