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This is why only AIKI of dance duo 'All Ready' was on Mnet's 'Street Woman Fighter'


COCO of the famous dance duo 'All Ready' admitted to her past as a school bully. 

Dance duo 'All Ready''s COCO admitted to her past as a school bully, posting a handwritten letter on her Instagram. Her letter is as follows. 

"Hello, this is Yang Sa Rang. 

After spending much time reflecting on myself, I'm finally writing to speak up about the truth. It may sound like an excuse but I had to have some time to reflect upon myself and work up my courage. I understand this letter may not be enough to console, but I hope at least it could deliver my sincerity.  

First of all, I sincerely apologize to everyone who was hurt by my past self. 

Back in my school days, I hurt my juniors and friends with my reckless thoughts and acts. Whenever I look back upon what I did, I was so ashamed of myself. I was even afraid to publicly apologize like this. Not just the wrongdoings I did back then, I also got to reflect upon the things I have done wrong until now.

After working up my courage to apologize, I tried to reach every single one of the people who were hurt by me to personally apologize. But some did not want to talk to me while others, I couldn't get in touch at all. So I'm writing an apology letter although this may not be enough. If given an opportunity, I'd like to personally apologize to them. 

Before the deeply wounded scar gets larger, I want to ask for their forgiveness after much self-reflection and apologies. I understand it's not my place to judge how badly they were hurt and it's not easy to forgive me. But I sincerely apologize. 

I will try harder to practice what I have learned through self-reflection from here on out. 

And I also sincerely apologize and thank those who have shown me undeserving support." 

Meanwhile, back in September of last year, she appeared on tvN's 'Yoo Quiz on the Block' with member AIKI. 

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miameow2311,310 pts 14 days ago 5
14 days ago

Why do school bullies apologize only when called out? You don't realize what you have done affects people for a lifetime?


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Nana19984,782 pts 14 days ago 0
14 days ago

You can't never imagine how much those apologies are important for the victims.

I'm talking out of experience. The fact ,it's help the victims to understand and be sure of the fact that they weren't the problem but the bullies, yeah. And she admitted it in public.

Even thought , some may not be sure of her sincerity, at least she was teh bully in front of the others ones . It's most like an humiliations, if I can say it like this.



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