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Producer Cho PD to launch a reality documentary, showcasing the debut a K-Pop idol group using new systemic approaches


It has been reported that record producer Cho PD is preparing to debut a new K-pop group, and the group has completed filming for a reality documentary, targeting the global market.

News of Cho PD's production of a new K-pop group drew major attention, as he is well-known for discovering talented artists such as Psy, Lee Jung Hyun, and Zico. He was a popular '1st generation hip hop rapper' in South Korea, and is also considered the 'founder of online music'. Cho PD has been discreetly fostering a new concept and taking new approaches in order to create a global K-pop idol group. However, much of the project has yet to be unveiled, raising a lot of curiosity and anticipation. Although the K-pop group's debut schedule has not been confirmed, it is reported that they already finished filming their own reality show. Their reality show is said to be a documentary with various detailed worldviews, targeting the global market. The reality documentary will likely attract both domestic and internation fans. 

In order to complete the K-pop group's worldview, leading game companies in South Korea, CG and VFX (Visual Effects) professional corporations, as well as broadcast/film content productions participated in this K-pop project. An official from the project stated, "The production for this reality program was already refined last year, and will finally unveil the first part of its worldview. It will deviate from standard K-pop idol systems and training methods, and approach it in a new way that will address the next generation of K-pop."

Cho PD, the project's general manager who is also in charge of rap and producing training, stated, "We are proceeding with a project using a new concept of K-pop idol development. Considering the suitability of the contents prepared and the group's exposure to domestic and global target audiences as our top priority, we are continuously working together with our [business] partners. We plan to review the right timing and the most suitable platform for our project to be disclosed."

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nooDLes151,996 pts Tuesday, September 14, 2021 0
Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Let's hope their methods aren't the same what Star Empire did to Nine Muses. If they do something sketchy, let's hope the global fans and k-netizens call them out on it.

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forgivemenot12,647 pts Tuesday, September 14, 2021 1
Tuesday, September 14, 2021

This is the guy who founded Stardom Entertainment for those who don't know one of the scummiest entertainment companies out there on par with Star Empire and TS Entertainment, he was convicted on investment fraud only last year because of his nefarious dealings involving his company, he also ruined EvoL and Top Dogg by screwing them over royally, I pity anyone involved with such a hack as him.

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