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The Japanese composer behind the music of NES game 'Monster in My Pocket' personally posts about the controversy that BTS's "Butter" sounds similar to his song


Previously, there was attention being focused on the song "Towering Catastrophe" from the Nintendo game 'Monster in my Pocket' which was released in 1992, after netizens found that the melody for BTS's "Butter" sounded vastly similar to it.

As more netizens drew their attention and interest to "Towering Catastrophe," there have been many news articles published in regards to this topic. One Japanese news article published by Wow! Korea stated that the composer of the track talked about the similarities and that the two songs "sound almost the same, it is beyond just sampling." 

However, after the article was released, the composer himself wrote on his blog page and clarified that he did not say "it is beyond just sampling." He explained in a blog post that he knew of BTS but had not heard their song "Butter." When he came across the news about the similarities, he listened to BTS's song but thought it was only a coincidence that the two melodies sounded similar. He clarified, "I saw that the article was released saying that I said 'It's beyond just sampling' but then I didn't say that." He said he thought it was fascinating that his song was gaining attention.

The composer wrote in his blog, "This is the first update in a long time but I was surprised today! A long time ago, I wrote music for a game called 'Monster In My Pocket.'I knew of BTS but I didn't know this song. So when I compared the two, I did think they were certainly similar. However, I think that the similar melodies were just a coincidence" and denied that he had accused the group of copying the melody to the song.

He continued to write, "It was written (in the article) that I said it sounds nearly identitcal and 'it is beyond sampling,' but I never said such a thing. But I wonder who on earth said that, lol."

The composer also added that he doesn't own the rights to the video game song and it belongs to the video game developer Konami.

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antis tried


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he's a nice guy obviously and doesn't seem to care. but let's face it, there's no way that the chorus to Butter sounds so extremely similar to this game's music by just random chance.

Whoever composed Butter needs to never be hired by BigHit again. Next time, whoever gets their song copied might not be as nice as this man.


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