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Chaeyeon's Instagram story gets deleted for 'bullying and abuse'


Former IZ*ONE member Chaeyeon's Instagram story got deleted for 'bullying and abuse', and many netizens claim Instagram's community guideline enforcement in her case is unfair and absurd. 

On July 10th, Chaeyeon updated her Instagram story with a picture of her and her friend creating forced perspective in a dance practice room as shown below. She wrote, "My friend is this tiny bean" and "How to learn choreography in a mirror mode. Use a real mirror." as captions.  

However, her story update got deleted by Instagram for 'bullying and abuse' which left Chaeyeon clueless and confused. She wrote, "What..?" along with a screenshot of a notification from Instagram reporting her story got deleted for not following its community guidelines. 

Most netizens reacted that they couldn't believe Instagram has deleted her story for the alleged 'Hate speech, bullying and abuse'. Some of the comments include: 

"I can't believe some people reported her gesture for bullying and Instagram actually listened."

"Crazy incels. Go see a doctor if you really have a problem and leave others alone smh"

"I can't believe Instagram took her story down. I reported SO many accounts for nudity and inappropriate materials but they never listened."

"I feel like the entire society is playing me. It can't be real. Why does every business listen to men who won't really help them gain profits?"

"I don't see anything inappropriate? What's wrong with Instagram?"

"Leave our Chaeyeon alone in peace"

"It's funny how they don't report men who did that gestures"

"I hope everyone who reported her Instagram story lives without thumbs and index fingers."

Meanwhile, multiple male-centered online communities recently decided to take offense over the pinching gesture, claiming the said gesture is proof that hatred toward men is pervasive in Korea. 

What do you think? 

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Lunelvr417 pts 14 days ago 11
14 days ago

Its funny how they were so quick to take an action against her but when it comes to hater, harassing, sexualizing and etc accs they do nothing and barely suspend any of them...


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SICA.love1,541 pts 14 days ago 4
14 days ago

So they let Mina do what she does and wouldn't do anything about the graphic stuff, but they do this?


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