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TRI.BE shares thoughts on comeback, reveal favorite songs, and more in exclusive interview


Even before making their debut, TRI.BE — a seven-member K-Pop girl group — garnered attention from fans due to the fact that the group was produced by Sinsadong Tiger and Universal Music Group Korea

Following their successful debut with "DOOM DOOM TA," TRI.BE recently made a comeback with another high-energy track, "RUB-A-DUM." In celebration of their comeback, TRI.BE joined allkpop for an exclusive interview, where they share their thoughts on their newest release, reveal their favorite songs, and more!

allkpop: Congratulations on your comeback! Please introduce TRI.BE to fans.
TRI.BE: Hello, we are TRI.BE! TRI.BE is a combination of the geometrically most perfect shape “Triangle” and the word “Being” for existence, meaning “The Most Perfect Existence”!

allkpop: How would you describe this comeback in one phrase?

SongSun: “Let's play!” "RUB-A-DUM" is a song we could listen to while running around and playing together.

Kelly: We like to call it “spicy fresh.” Like a refreshing chili pepper!

JinHa: “A refreshing chili pepper flavor!” Our performance can be both cool and hot at the same time, which is why I would describe it as a refreshing chili pepper flavor.

HyunBin: I would say that it is a “summer song!” The song itself and the overall performance is very suitable for this summer so I hope everybody can enjoy our comeback throughout the summer~

Jia: I think it is a “refreshing chili pepper flavor” because our performances are both cool and hot. In Korea, eating spicy food is believed to also blow away the heat, so our comeback is both hot and cool!

SoEun: We will be showing our fans two sides: a cool, refreshing side and a spicy, girl swag side😆

MiRe: I think that it is a “refreshing chili pepper flavor.” Our vocals are fresh, while our choreography is intense!

allkpop: Please share any fun or memorable moments during your comeback preparation.

SongSun: We filmed our music video in Jeju Island. We had so much fun playing the Mafia game and hanging out together in one room for three days. Although we had a very early shoot the next day, we played in the staff's room, and we were together the whole time. We took more than 2,000 pictures! I want to visit Jeju Island again for a vacation.

Kelly: I remember the choreography being finished a day before our music video shoot. We had to learn the moves on the way to filming.

JinHa: The most memorable moments were the days we shot our music video in Jeju Island! It was the first time we filmed outdoors, unlike “DOOM DOOM TA.” It was extra special because we took a flight to shoot the video and we made so many great memories.

HyunBin: We danced in the water for the first time. It was tougher than I expected, but it was still fun. We cheered for each other when we were filming the scene, and we tried to splash water even harder!

Jia: After our first day of shooting the music video, SoEun, JinHa, SongSun, and I were in the same car. We asked our manager to turn up the music, and even though we were all wearing seatbelts, we hung out as if we were at a karaoke. We sang our lungs out and danced together. It was so much fun!

SoEun: The place that I filmed my teaser video was actually a ladies' restroom! It was a little cold to film there, but it was also the only restroom on that floor. I remember how other members and the staff had to go through so much trouble because of that. Even I believed that it was a regular set. But in fact, it was just a beautiful restroom.

MiRe: There is a scene where we throw snacks at each other, and I remember that I broke the lighting with a baseball bat!

allkpop: What kind of message do you want to share with fans through this comeback?

SongSun: We hope that we can lift their spirits through our song so that our fans can go through their exhausting daily lives with more gusto. We will show you a much more exciting stage, so please look forward to our upcoming performances!

Kelly: This song is bright and uplifting, so I hope that TRUEs listen to “RUB-A-DUM” and play with TRI.BE!

JinHa: I hope that our fans can have fun and play with TRI.BE by listening to our songs, and that they can enjoy a cool summer with us!

HyunBin: I hope that anyone who listens to “RUB-A-DUM” can also cheer up and have fun!

Jia: Through this comeback, I would like to give TRUEs a cool summer rather than a message :)

SoEun: I want to share our cool and hot confidence with our fans, and I hope that our fans run around and have fun listening to our music.

MiRe: The title of our album “CONMIGO” means “with me” in Spanish. As the title says, I want to share a fun and uplifting energy with the message, “Let's have fun with TRI.BE!”

allkpop: What makes “RUB-A-DUM” different from your past releases?

SongSun: Compared to our last song, “DOOM DOOM TA,” where we showed the confidence of a young rebel, “RUB-A-DUM” feels like a sweet vitamin that is also spicy.

Kelly: This song has a bright and cool vibe to it, which goes well with summer. We have many details in our performance, and I hope you can find them all.

JinHa: The overall vibe is much brighter than “DOOM DOOM TA,” and it sounds much fresher since it is a summery song!

HyunBin: We showed more dark and fierce performances in “DOOM DOOM TA,” while “RUB-A-DUM” has more light and breezy choreography. We tried to express the lyrics through our choreography as well.

Jia: “RUB-A-DUM” is very different from our last song. While “DOOM DOOM TA” was a serious and fierce song, “RUB-A-DUM” is more bright and uplifting.

SoEun: We mostly focused on a strong girl crush vibe inDOOM DOOM TA” and “LOCA.” But on top of that, “RUB-A-DUM” has an addictive flute melody, a girl swag feeling, and our unique cool vibe to it.

MiRe: With the addition of a fresh and summery vibe, you can look forward to a new and different side of TRI.BE. Our upgraded performance is also one of the differences from our previous album.

allkpop: Asides from comeback preparation, how have you been spending your free time?

SongSun: I watched TV shows or tried to create new music in my spare time. Since I like to challenge myself to do new things, I try to prepare for the future and do what I like or what I need. And of course, I never missed an opportunity to eat delicious food!

Kelly: I am obsessed with bead crafting these days. I have been making rings out of beads whenever I can and gave them to our members and staff.

JinHa: Whenever there was spare time, I mostly laid flat in my bed watching baseball matches and movies.

HyunBin: In my free time, I tried to catch up on my sleep and recharge myself or spent my time watching movies. I also enjoy shopping from time to time.

Jia: I watched TV shows and read fan letters from TRUEs in my spare time!

SoEun: I played games a lot! Because we did not have much free time, I had to find a way to enjoy my own time in a short period, which is why I chose games. Time flies when I play games!

MiRe: Although we didn’t have a lot of free time, I watched YouTube videos or did dance covers whenever we did!

allkpop: What’s one song on your playlist that you want to share with fans?

SongSun: “The Blue Night Of Jeju Island” by Taeyeon is a song that lifts you up! It represents everyone's desire to get away from their daily lives. I strongly recommend it!

Kelly: Recently, I have been listening to “We Go” by fromis_9 and “Like it Hot” by GWSN!

JinHa: “Dreams Come True” by Block B. It is a great song to listen to on a summer night. On this summer night, I hope that we can be together at heart with this song.

HyunBin: Since summer is here, I have been listening to cool and fresh songs. I recommend “Oh My!” by SEVENTEEN. It has been my go-to summer song for a while now, and I hope that TRUEs give it a try!

Jia: “Run Away” by TXT is the song I want to recommend. Both the melody and lyrics are delightful, and I always get cheered up listening to this song. That is why I want TRUEs to listen to it too!

SoEun: “Leo” by BOL4 featuring BAEKHYUN is a song that I want to recommend listening to every day. I strongly recommend it because It has beautiful lyrics as well as a soft and mellow melody.

MiRe: “HAPPEN” by Heize. I really like the overall vibe and melody of the song, and I listen to it most often these days.

allkpop: What’s one new thing you want to try in 2021?

SongSun: I want to release a song that I wrote all by myself! Since childhood, it has been my dream to sing an original song. I would definitely want to challenge myself to do so.

Kelly: I would like to travel with other members! It would be great to explore new places with our members.

JinHa: I want to go camping with all of our members. I love camping, and it would be even better if the members could join me.

HyunBin: Being nominated for the weekly no.1 song at a music program is my dream. Even if we do not win, it would be such a huge honor to be nominated.

Jia: As TRI.BE all together, I wish we get nominated for the weekly no.1 song at a music program. Also, I hope we win the “Rookie of the Year Award” because we can only receive it once in a lifetime. My personal goal is to write lyrics to a song.

SoEun: I want to try sleeping in the living room with all of our members. It would be like our own little school trip. I want to watch scary movies together and chat until we fall to sleep!

MiRe: What I want to do most is go to Japan and meet my family and friends!

allkpop: Lastly, can you leave a special message for allkpop readers?

SongSun: Hello, allkpop readers! This is SongSun of TRI.BE! It is such a pleasure to meet you all. I am not sure if we answered all your questions, but I hope you got to know more about me! We will keep on improving ourselves and show more sides of us, so please keep on rooting for us! We love you ❤️

Kelly: Hi, allkpop readers! We are TRI.BE. Thank you for reading our interview! Please listen to our new song “RUB-A-DUM” and send us lots of love!

JinHa: Hi everyone, this is JinHa of TRI.BE. I hope you love our new album “CONMIGO” as well as TRI.BE! Please check out both songs, “RUB-A-DUM” and “LORO.” Thank you!

HyunBin: Hello, allkpop readers, this is HyunBin! We are back with our new title, “RUB-A-DUM”! Thank you for all of your love and support. We will keep on trying our best and show you a cooler, fresher performance! We love you!

Jia: Hi, allkpop readers! This is Jia of TRI.BE. Thank you so much for always sending us your love and support! We will always do our best, so please keep on watching and supporting us. Thank you, we love you. ♥︎

SoEun: Hello, allkpop readers! This is SoEun of TRI.BE! I hope you love TRI.BE's new song, “RUB-A-DUM”! We will keep improving ourselves and show you how we thrive! Thank you ❤️

MiRe: Thank you for always loving us and supporting us. Please listen to “RUB-A-DUM,” and I hope you love TRI.BE as well! We will keep on trying, so please look forward to our next step!

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