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Garo Sero Institute's Kim Yong Ho claims that "Han Ye Seul slept with a fat man" after she debuted as a model


Former entertainment news journalist, Kim Yong Ho, continues to refute Han Ye Seul's claims. 

On June 16, the 'Garo Sero Institute' YouTuber posted a video with the title, "Supermodel Han Ye Seul, what happed on her debut day." 

At the start of the video, Kim Yong Ho states that Han Ye Seul had uploaded a video personally explaining all rumors. He stated, "Han Ye Seul explained about all the allegations. She stated that she had gone to Burning Sun only once. How does she never fail to do exactly as my expectations? She really made a foolish decision. She shouldn't have lied at least in her explanation video. She lied from the beginning. She's at the point where she can't redeem herself. I will prove to you each one of her lies."

Kim Yong Ho went on to refute Han Ye Seul's claims beginning with her dating rumors back in 2011. Back then, when the actress was involved in dating rumors with the vice-chairman of Wonjin, she denied the allegations, but now she admitted that she had dated him in the past. 

He then went on to refute her claims that she never worked at a hostess bar by showing witness claims that said they saw her at the hostess bar 20 years ago in Los Angeles. According to the witness, they claimed that Han Ye Seul was still working at the hostess bar even after her debut as a supermodel because the hostess bar advertised that a supermodel worked there. Kim Yong Ho went on to show the photo of the hostess bar in LA that Han Ye Seul had allegedly worked at. The witness claimed that he remembered seeing her at the bar, and many of the customers are aware that Han Ye Seul was working there because of the "supermodel advertisement."

In addition, Kim Yong Ho also released the phone call log with the witness. In the phone call, the witness shared that Han Ye Seul had a celebration party at the hostess bar after making her debut as a supermodel. The witness claimed that he saw Han Ye Seul go upstairs to one of the private rooms to sleep with a "fat man." The next day, that man had told everyone that "she was amazing/killer." Kim Yong Ho directed his question to the actress and asked, "Explain this. What kind of life were you living?"

Kim Yong Ho also went on to refute Han Ye Seul's statement saying that she had only gone to Burning Sun only once. He claimed that Han Ye Seul always went to the club 'Mu In,' which is an affiliated club of 'Burning Sun.' The reporter claimed that there are numerous witnesses who saw Han Ye Seul at the club 'Mu In.' According to the reporter, Han Ye Seul had been well known in the entertainment industry as a celebrity who often went to clubs. Many witnesses who saw Han Ye Seul at the club 'Mu In' claimed that she was promiscuous and would often go to private rooms with male models.

Kim Yong Ho directly asked Han Ye Seul to file a lawsuit against him so that he can publicly reveal the names of these witnesses and the "fat man" Han Ye Seul slept with when he is investigated by the police.

Meanwhile, Han Ye Seul had uploaded a video on her YouTube channel to personally talk about all the rumors that are circulating about her. In turn, Kim Yong Ho had posted a video refuting her claims in response to Han Ye Seul's video.

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LuzDiaz74 pts Thursday, June 17, 2021 6
Thursday, June 17, 2021

Omg! This man infuriates me. He is literally obsessed with Han Ye Seul that it is scary! He needs to stop.


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Astres_Dare5,475 pts Thursday, June 17, 2021 13
Thursday, June 17, 2021

I am so sorry but now fat mans can't get laid?


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